Yuell is a medium-sized city in central Gallia which saw much fighting during other Gallian wars. Currently much of the city itself is in ruins.


A medium-sized city in central Gallia that grew around Yuell University which was founded in medieval times by William Yuell. It is a centre of learning, with many institutions and research facilities. The university is still among the top schools in Gallia.

It was devastated in the war against the Empire, in which many residents lost their lives. After the war defensive improvements were made and large numbers of military facilities constructed. Students there are also active members of the town watch.

During the Gallian Civil War, Yuell and Mellvere were the main targets of the rebel army before they could advance to Randgriz. The city became a constant battleground between the Gallian army and the GRA and was once again devastated.


Yuell City in VC3

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