Yosnoa the Hound
Med Tank ace.png
Affiliation East Europan Imperial Alliance
Unit Class Tank-insignia.png Tank
Weapon Drop Enhanced Block Pin
Chapter 12: The Fight for Bruhl

Yosnoa the Hound is one of the Imperial Aces encountered in the original Valkyria Chronicles game.

He is one of three Tank Commander Aces and makes his first and only appearance during the recapture of Bruhl. He is positioned at about the halfway point of the map and will not move, instead firing upon any enemy unit within his weapons range.

Defeating his Medium Tank earns the Part Enhanced Block Pin, an enormous 3 x 3 tread HP booster for the Edelweiss which gives +400 HP. This isn't a particularly useful reward due to its size, unless the Edelweiss is going to be driving headlong into a minefield.

Stats and Equipment

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20181222133105 1.jpg


  • Has the exact same stats as a level 3 Medium Imperial tank, the only difference being the gray ace paint job on the tank.
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