• Wendy Cheslock
Wendy Cheslock
Wendy Cheslock.png
Birth Date c.1910 (Aged 27 by 1937)
Affiliation Gallian Militia
Gallian National Arsenal
Rank(s) Pvt profile.pngPrivate
Role Gallian militiaman (former)
Explosive developer
Likes None
Voice Acting
Japanese Kumiko Ikebe

Wendy Cheslock (ウェンディ・チェスロック Wendi Chesurokku?) is a twenty-five year old Squad 7 shocktrooper with a love of explosives who appears in the original Valkyria Chronicles videogame. She is easily identifiable on the battlefield by her woolen cap and black eye markings.

Wendy also appears as a member of squad 1 in the Valkyria Chronicles anime.


Valkyria Chronicles

Tinkering with explosives filled this shut-in's days until an overly ambitious portion of gunpowder blew her house to bits.

She applied to be a trooper on the front lines as a way of testing out her bombs. Her squad mates whisper that she keeps a miniature bomb under her cap.

Post-EWII, she took work at the Gallian National Arsenal developing explosives. Her designs, while potent, have all been too unstable for a sane soldier to use. She is also the author of "Cheslock's Theory on Explosives" which is now a study subject in a number of schools.

In Valkyria Chronicles 2, Wendy's book is mentioned as one of the reading materials for Marion Siegbahn.

Expanded Biography

Wendy volunteered to be a shocktrooper so that she would get the chance to test out her explosives on the frontlines, first-hand. Rumors say she keeps a small bomb tucked away under her cap. One time, Wendy had locked herself up in her house to develop a new bomb when she accidentally mixed the wrong amounts of explosive materials and blew up her own house. After the war, she got a job at the state-owned weapons company of Gallia, but all of the explosives Wendy has developed thus far have been deemed too dangerous for practical use.


Base Stats

  • HP - 213
  • Accuracy - 18
  • Evasion - 10
  • AP - 350
  • Defense - 10

Max Stats

  • HP - 357
  • Accuracy - 56.5
  • Evasion - 29.5
  • AP - 450
  • Defense - 20

Personal Potentials

  • Metal Head - The smell of iron clears the head, leading to a boost in attack power.
  • Shut-In - When holed up in camp, they cease to pay attention to the world outside, causing a drop in defense.
  • Outcast - Having allies of the same unit class nearby puts them on edge, lowering their evasion abilities.
  • N/A - This character has no fourth potential.

Battle Potentials

  • Damage Boost - Attack power against human targets is boosted a set percentage of the time.
  • Kamikaze - Both accuracy and evasion receive a boost when HP drops to a single digit.
  • Dud Mine - Land mines have a set chance of not exploding when tripped.
  • Phoenix - They have a set chance of returning to life with full HP when their their HP reaches zero.



  • "Hehe... I'm on it."
  • "Here I come."


  • "You're gonna get shot!"
  • "Hehe."
  • "Heeyah!"

Killing a Foe

  • "Heh, yay."

Enemy Sighted

  • "I see youuu!"
  • "Target sighted."

Team Attack

  • "Have some back up, heh."
  • "Let me shoot too."
  • "... I'll shoot then too!"

Personal Potentials

  • "Hehe... I love you metal." (Metal Head)
  • "I... Don't want to go anywhere." (Shut In)
  • "No, I belong alone." (Outcast)

Battle Potentials

  • "Hehehe... I have the power." (Damage Boost)
  • "I'm tired... I'll just charge!" (Kamikaze)
  • "Hehe... Dud." (Dud Mine)
  • "Can't kill me... I won't die." (Phoenix)

Healed by Ragnaid

  • "Hehe... Thanks."

Rescuing an Ally

  • "Medic!"

After Medic Visit

  • "Please! We need help!"
  • "If you die.... You can't shoot anymore..."

HP Critical

  • "Getting shot's a drag."
  • "Bullets hurt huh?"


  • "..." (cry/moan)


  • "Shooting guns is... Lame, eh? Hurts to shoot people... Hurts to... Get shot..."

Enter Squad 7

  • "I'm Wendy Cheslock... Heehee... Kaboom..."

Exit Squad 7

  • "What... It's over? Oh... that's sad...."


  • Wendy appears as a member of Squad 1 in the anime, but is killed in action. It could also be noted that she and Rosina Selden were the only women in the original Squad 7 that were killed off in the Anime.

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