Welvar Glenn
Birth Date c.1901 (Aged 36 by 1937)
Height 175cm
Affiliation Gallia
Role Shopkeeper

Welvar Glenn, better known as the Shop Clerk, runs the campus store at Lanseal.


  • Welvar Glenn is a shopkeeper at Lanseal. He handles the store alone selling the Gallian Times and new missions acquired by inside information, but also let Alicia opens a small bakery inside this store.
  • He is well-versed in world affairs and is well-liked by students. It is said that he was once a spy but he denies the rumours.
  • Inspired by Welkin and Alicia, he proposed to the girl whom he has loved for 10 years, but he was told that he was too late.


  • The Shop Clerk is voiced by James Arnold Taylor in the English version of Valkyria Chronicles 2.
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