These are the quotes for Welkin Gunther, a character from Valkyria Chronicles.

Valkyria Chronicles 1

Selection Voice
"Moving out." noicon
"Entering combat."
"Hmph!" noicon
"Fire!" noicon
"Now!" noicon
Enemy Sighted
"Hostiles sighted!"
"Enemy sighted!" noicon
Team Attack
"I'll cover you!" noicon
"Now's our chance!" noicon
"Let me help!" noicon
"I'll cover you, Alicia!" (Alicia) noicon
"I'll cover you, Juno!" (Juno) noicon
Personal Potentials
"Ahh...gotta love nature." (Nature Lover)
"Phew...gotta remember to stay cool." (Calm Heart) noicon
"This is for you, Is!" (Sibling Ties) noicon
"Alicia...I'm fighting for us." (Power of Love) noicon
Tank Repaired
"Thank you." noicon
Rescuing an Ally
"Medic!" noicon
After Medic Visit
"You're alright! Stay strong!"
"Please! Do what you can."
"Alicia! Aliciaaa! Stay with me!" (Alicia) noicon
"Stay strong, Juno." (Juno)
"Don't die on me, Audrey." (Audrey)
Taking Damage
"Under minor fire." noicon
"Damage minimal." noicon
"Minor damage sustained." noicon
"Damage severe!" (Hit with the Batomys or Lupus) (Surviving a hit to the radiator) noicon
"Under extensive fire!" (Hit with the Batomys or Lupus) (Surviving a hit to the radiator) noicon
HP Critical
"Argh...Don't fail me now..." noicon
"Major damage sustained." noicon
"Unh... No!" noicon
"Sorry everyone, I...I don't think...I can..." noicon
"This is an order! Watch the barrels of their guns!" (Evade Boost) noicon
"This is an order! Don't give them time to counterattack!" (Neutralize) noicon
"Alright, listen up! We need supplies here! Ammo, Ragnaid, the works!" (Resupply) noicon
"This is an order! Get that soldier some antitoxin!" (Antidote) noicon
"This is an order! There's no room for error when aiming!" (Aim Boost) noicon
"This is an order! Attack with everything you got!" (Attack Boost) noicon
"This is an order! Remove the limiters on your Ragnaid units!" (Healing Boost) noicon
"This is an order! Brace up and get ready to defense yourself!" (Defense Boost) noicon
"This is an order! I'm overriding all grenade limits!" (Explosives Boost) noicon
"This is an order! You've done enough! Pull out, we'll handle this!" (Retreat) noicon
"Alright, listen up! I need a medic out here! Fast!" (Medic Request) noicon
"This is an order! I want everyone dodging those bullets!" (All Units Evade) noicon
"This is an order! Concentrate your fire on a single point!" (Concentrate Fire) noicon
"This is an order! Hurting them means us surviving. Be merciless!" (Damage Boost) noicon
"This is an order! Everybody be sure you're on target, then fire!" (All Units Aim) noicon
"Alright, listen up! Shield your wounded! Get some treatment!" (Healing Request) noicon
"This is an order! Advance with caution. Stay sharp!" (Caution) noicon
"This is an order! I want you to fire every bullet you've got!" (All Units Attack) noicon
"This is an order! All of you, focus on defense!" (All Units Defend) noicon
"This is an order! Aim for where their protection is weakest!" (Penetration) noicon
"Alright, listen up! Requesting sniper support fire!" (Sniper Support) noicon
"...You can do this! Trust in yourself!" (Awaken Potential) noicon
"This is an order! Heal those wounds before the next wave hits!" (First Aid) noicon
"This is an order! Aim for their weak spot! Fight dirty!" (Attack Weak Spot) noicon
"...You all are so much more than this! I know it!" (Awaken All) noicon
"Alright, listen up! Multiple wounded! Get me a medic team!" (Heal All) noicon
"Alright, listen up! Give me a report on the enemy's position. Now!" (Recon Request) noicon
"This is an order! Destroying the target is your top priority!" (Demolition Boost) noicon
"Alright, listen up! Requesting mortar support fire!" (Mortar Support) noicon
"Alright, listen up! Clear out the enemy with artillery support!" (Artillery Support) noicon

Valkyria Chronicles 4

  • Let's review the mission -- DLC briefing review
  • This is a good chance to learn from Squad E. Alright, let's go. After briefing
  • Ready to Go (selected)
  • "Fire!" (Attack)
  • "Now!" (Attack)
  • "Welkin Gunther. I've been assigned as a tank driver. Hopefully I don't disappoint you." (Join Squad E)
  • "Alright. Let's move out"


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