These are the other appearances for Welkin Gunther, a character from Valkyria Chronicles.

Other appearances

Valkyria Chronicles Duel

Welkin in Valkyria Chronicles Duel.

Welkin appeared as an obtainable character. His likes included Alicia, Brigitte "Rosie" Stark, Faldio Landzaat and Isara Gunther

His card visuals amounts to 17 cards. Cameos in other card visuals or repeated instances of the visual are not included in the amount.



Non-Valkyria Chronicles series appearances

Lord of Knights

Welkin in Lord of Knights.

Welkin makes a collaboration appearance in Lord of Knights as a SR card.

Samurai & Dragons

Welkin in Samurai and Dragons.

Welkin makes an appearance in Samurai & Dragons as a SR monster card. As a SR monster card, Welkin is of the Mercenary race and possesses the unique base skill, Order Issued!.

Chain Chronicle

CC Welkin.png

"The son of the late General Belgen Gunther, who was a hero of the previous war. He had become the Commander of the Gallia Militia's Squad 7. He was majoring biology in a university and was immersed in researching animals and insects. He is a kind and gentle youth, but his abilities as a commander are top-notch, and several victories occurred due of his excellence."
Chain Chronicle Profile
—Welkin, Chain Chronicle

Welkin makes an appearance in the Japanese version of Chain Chronicle as Squad 7's Commander Welkin (第7小隊隊長ウェルキン Dai 7 Shōtai Taichō Werukin?), a SSR 4★ archer unit with the job class of Commander and he also uses the Rifle as his weapon.

Welkin is voiced by Yūichi Nakamura and his artist is Raita Honjou. He is exclusively obtainable during the Valkyria Chronicles Collaboration Festival.

Kurt possesses the following skills, abilities and chain abilities:

  • Order [Bombardment Support] (Mana Cost: 2) "Please use grenades to wipe out the enemy forces!"
    [Installation] Set up a trap area that deals moderate damage up to two times to all enemies within after an enemy enters it. 6x Damage. Cooldown per hit is 6 seconds.
  • Dear Feelings
    Alicia is the one that gives me strength... Temporarily boosts own and closest archer's attack power and reduces damage taken at the start of each wave, and attack power and movement speed rise when fighting in forests. Welkin's unique ability. Boosts own and nearest archer's attack power by 3% and reduces damage taken by 3% for 75 seconds at the start of each wave, stackable. Attack power increases by 50% when fighting in forests.
  • Order [Salvo]
    Everyone, open fire now! Main party's archers' attack power rises when Welkin is in the sub-party. Welkin's unique ability. Archers' attack power increases by 12%.
Chain Abilities
  • Order [Synchronized Attack] (Mana Cost: 3)
    Main party's attack power rises when in the sub-party. Attack power increases by 3%.

Soul Reverse Zero

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