The engravings, often seen inside Valkyrur ruins, depict a Valkyrur with lance and shield, piercing a Darcsen man

The War of the Valkyrur was a great conflict that took place thousands of years ago in Europa. The results of this conflict can be seen in many locations, such as the Barious Desert.


The Legend

According to inscriptions found in ruins across Europa, by circa 30 BC, the Darcsens are said to have ravaged much of Europa, wielding the dark arts to harness the destructive potential of ragnite in their heedless power struggles. Suddenly, an immigrant population known as the Valkyrur emerged from the north, bearing a divine power in the form of lances and shields bathed in blue light. Using those to halt the Darcsen rampage, they united Europa and brought peace to the continent.

In addition to unifying the land under their rule, the Valkyrur are credited for the birth of modern Europan culture.


While most people in modern Europa do not seem to take the legend of the Valkyrur at absolute face value (the idea of invincible warrior women seeming a little far-fetched and unwitnessed for centuries at the start of Valkyria Chronicles 1), the Valkyrur as a people are still regarded as the founders of most of modern Europan culture and most of the hereditary monarchies, including the line of Randgriz, claim descent in whole or part from them. The legends are also used as justification for anti-Darcsen racial policies and attitudes.

The Truth

In actuality, the conflict was started by the Valkyrur themselves, who came into Europa as conquerors from a distant land. Because of their superior weaponry and the aid of Darcsen traitors, the Valkyrur were able to defeat the Darcsens, condemning them to servitude and rewriting history to present themselves as saviors.

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