This is a list of the obtainable trophies in Valkyria Revolution.

Name Description Type
VR Trophy.png
Grand Cordon of the Azure Wolf
Obtained all trophies. Platinum
VR Trophy2.png
Crafting Commemoration Medal
Created your first piece of gear at Tomasson's Workshop. Bronze
VR Trophy3.png
Gear Development Coin
Created 30 pieces of gear at Tomasson's Workshop. Silver
VR Trophy4.png
Sabancci & Co. Commemoration Medal
Upgraded an alchemic weapon for the first time at Sabancci & Co. Bronze
VR Trophy5.png
Alchemic Device Development Coin
Completed upgrading all alchemic weapons at Sabancci & Co. Gold
VR Trophy6.png
Research & Development Coin
Developed all secondary weapons at Sabancci & Co. Silver
VR Trophy7.png
Golden Flower Commemoration Medal
Spent over 300,000 kr at the shop. Gold
VR Trophy8.png
Meritorious Results Award
Made 100 battle reports. Silver
VR Trophy9.png
Azure Stone Commemoration Medal
Obtained rank 30 ragnite. Gold
VR Trophy10.png
Distinguished Silver Sword Medal
Defeated 1,000 enemies. Bronze
VR Trophy11.png
Distinguished Gold Sword Medal
Defeated 3,000 enemies. Silver
VR Trophy12.png
Distinguished Crimson Claw Medal
Defeated an ace for the first time. Bronze
VR Trophy13.png
Distinguished Violet Claw Medal
Defeated 30 aces. Silver
VR Trophy14.png
Distinguished Occupation Medal
Captured 50 enemy bases. Bronze
VR Trophy15.png
Distinguished Ordnance Disposal Medal
Disposed of 100 explosives or land mines. Bronze
VR Trophy16.png
Royal Army Attack Cross
Won an offensive battle. Bronze
VR Trophy17.png
Royal Army Defense Cross
Won a defensive battle. Bronze
VR Trophy18.png
Royal Army Veteran Cross
Achieved S rank result in all story missions. Gold
VR Trophy19.png
Royal Army Hero Cross
Drove back the Valkyria that appears in tactical missions. Gold
VR Trophy20.png
Royal Army Skirmish Cross
Cleared 100 free missions. Silver
VR Trophy21.png
Royal Army Wolf Pack Medal
Launched a surprise attack on the imperial army's outpost in Molda. Bronze
VR Trophy22.png
Molda Campaign Medal
Defeated Grand General Balthus and recaptured Molda. Silver
VR Trophy23.png
Avalune Campaign Medal
Defeated Grand General Gustav and recaptured Avalune's mana industry area. Silver
VR Trophy24.png
Velgiev Campaign Medal
Defeated Grand General Viktor and captured the Velgiev logistics hub. Silver
VR Trophy25.png
Battle of Sevast Campaign Medal
Defeated Grand General Gilouche and captured the Sevast citadel. Silver
VR Trophy26.png
Dirge of the Valkyria Medal
Defeated the Valkyria. Gold
VR Trophy27.png
Amity Commemoration Medal
Viewed a community event for the first time. Bronze
VR Trophy28.png
Friendship Commemoration Medal
Viewed all community events. Silver
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