Valkyria Chronicles 2: World Artworks
Valkyria Chronicles 2 World Artworks
Author(s) SEGA
Cover Artist(s) Raita Honjou
Language(s) Japanese, English
Genre(s) Artbook
Publisher(s) NA UDON Etertainment Corp
Publication Date(s) NA May 8, 2012
Media Type Paperback
Page Count 304

The Valkyria Chronicles 2: World Artworks published in Japan, and published in the US by Udon Entertainment in 2012, is a 304 page paperback resource covering the development of Valkyria Chronicles II.


The book is divided into eight sections.


The first section shows pieces of official art and illustrations, plus a detailed synopsis of the game's story at the end.


The second section contains profiles of the various people that play a part in the story of Valkyria Chronicles. Included with the profiles are pieces of concept art, unused designs, cg scenes, and special illustrations of select characters from the primary character artist, Raita Honjou.

Weapons and Machines

The third section reveals the tanks and other vehicles shown (and not shown) in the game, from G Class's tanks to Dandarius to gun turrets and artificial valkyrurs, along with concept art and stories of how these machines came to be.

Military Affairs and Natural History

The fourth section shows off the artworks from firearms, uniforms, medals, and gadgets used by Gallia and the Empire are shown. The rest include characters' signatures for orders, nationality flags, military objects and others.

The Scene of Valkyria Chronicles 2

The fifth section focuses on the Lanseal Academy and the trademark mission grounds that make up the campus's surroundings, with detailed artwork containing blueprints, interior concepts and stories describing them. This includes a detailed description of the European Balance of Power involving the story's current timeline.

Insert Movie

The sixth section includes the pieces of storyboard art, animation settings done for the event scenes of the game, including a few drawn by Raita Honjou.

Early Designs

The seventh section shows of the early designs for the game characters, militia uniforms, emblems and flags, and the world's scenery for the game.


The eight section actually has two sections, one with staff interviews with the producers, Shuntaro Tanaka and Shinji Motoyama, and another with the game's terminology.


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