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Episodes is the main plot line for Valkyria Chronicles 4.

# Chapter Missions
Prologue Operation Northern Cross Engagement at Milt
1 The Battle of Fort Krest Siege of the Castle
2 The Liberation of Reine Inner City Assault
Interlude Squad E Assembles Ranger Course Evaluation
3 Rangers in the Storm Nocturnal Reconnaissance
Scouting Party Rescue
4 The Battle of Siegval Breaking the Line (1)
Breaking the Line (2)
Breaking the Line (3)
5 Behind the Frontlines Squads E vs. F Mock Battle
6 The Point of No Return Withdrawal from Lindbergh
7 A March in the Snow Mountainous Retreat
Supply Depot Ambush
Interlude The Other Kai Gallian Sniper
8 The Crystal Sea Army vs. Navy Mock Battle
Refugee Evacuation
Interlude A Steamy Ceasefire None
9 The Winter Witch Recovery of the Comet
10 Under the Ice Defense of the Centurion
11 The Sea Fortress Maritime Infiltration
Interlude Gift From Above None
12 Midnight Run Warehouse Supply Raid
13 Waiting for Springtime The Resistance
Interlude Interlude 5: The Witch and the Wolf None
14 Azure Flame Clash on the Crystal Sea
15 A Reason to Fight Versus Ausbruch
Showdown with the Valkyria
16 Forseti's Judgement The Breakthrough
17 The Final Choice Capturing the Capital
Battle Aboard the Cruiser
18 Devotion Retaking the Ship
The Final Battle
Epilogue Our War's End (The Youth of War) None

Squad Stories

Squad Stories are side events that happened among members of Squad E.

These become available when:

  • all members involved in the chapter have joined the squad (and are still alive), and
  • at least one of the members have spent CP across all missions (20 CP in main story maps, 30 CP in Squad Stories, 40 CP in Normal Skirmishes, or 14 in postgame maps). This would promote someone from a private to a corporal.
Chapter / Mission Members Enemy Lv* Ace Drop
Like Old Times / Blackwell Down 2 Scout-insignia.png ZM Kar 2(e)
A Prayer for the Broken / Three Scouts 2 Shocktrooper-insignia.png ZM MP 2(e)
The Price of Skill / Top Guns 12 None
Mischief Makers / Notorious Bastards 6 None
Reluctant Solitude / Scrap Metal Jacket 25 Grenadier-insignia.png VB GW 7B(e)
Honor, Pride, and Regret / Brave Hearts 3 Grenadier-insignia.png VB GW 3(e)
Worlds Apart / Paths to Glory 8 Sniper-insignia.png ZM SG 3(e)
All the Single Ladies / Saving Private Hudson 8 None
To Live Unbound / A Great Escape 12 Scout-insignia.png ZM Kar 4(e)
Treading New Ground / Tank Boys 5 Tank-insignia.png "Reinforce Frame"
Legacies Left / C*L*A*S*H 10 Tank-insignia.png "Spring Type Drive"
Girl in the Iron Mask / Commandos 5 None
Love and Logic / The Infatuation Game 12 Grenadier-insignia.png VB GW 4B(e)
Unfortunate Souls / Company of Zeroes 7 Shocktrooper-insignia.png ZM MP 3(e)
Gambler's Ruin / The Roguish Patient 2 Lancer-insignia.png VB PL 2(e)
Soul of the Navy / Naval Spirits 25 Scout-insignia.png ZM Kar 6(e)
A Chivalrous Heart / A Rather Long Engagement 10 None

* Enemy leaders are 5 levels higher than other enemies


Extras are DLC content.

DLC Missions
A United Front with Squad 7 (A United Front with Platoon 7) /
VC4:Chapter:A United Front with Platoon 7 (VC4:Chapter:Mission:A United Front With Platoon 7)
Team Building (二小隊合同演習)
Two Fronts (二方面迎撃作戦))
Brilliant Minds (技術者ふたり)
Squad E, to the Beach! (Easy Platoon's Beach Vacation) Raiding the Base
Bathing Suits and Bullets
A Captainless Squad (A Captainless Easy Platoon) A Sleuth of Bears
Snowball Fight
The Price of a Picnic
Advance Ops (Preceding Special Operations) /
(mission-only, no chapter)
Advance Ops (Preceding Special Operations)
The Two Valkyria The Unchosen One
The Chosen One
Expert Skirmishes Hafen Escort
Blitz Assault
Escape from a Dire Situation
Struggle on the Bridge
A Night-Shrouded Liberation
Clash Between Elite Squads


Normal Mission
1 Milt Outskirts
2 Reine
3 Siegval Line 1
4 Siegval Line 2
5 Snowy Mountain Trail
6 The Crystal Sea
7 Warehouse District
8 Loweholm Urban Area
9 Breaking Ice Shelf
10 Snowbound Island
1 Into the Woods
2 Out of the Box
3 Beneath the Frost
4 Off the Rails
5 Through the Fire
6 Across the Bridge
7 Within the Ruins
8 For the Centurion
9 From the Capital
1 A True Battlefield
2 The Dream Team
3 Blitzkrieg on the Canal