Valkyria Azure Revoultion has their own cast of characters. A lot of them comes from the Vanargand, the Anti-Valkyria Unit under Amleth. However, their are also other characthers in Jutland and the Rus Empire that have been revealed.

Rus Empire

We'll start with the Rus Empire. The Rus Empire has the Four Commander who command special Magical Machines, ranging from airships to walking tanks.[1]

  1. Gilouche Benckendorff (Tesshou Genda)
    1. The Head General of the Rus Imperial Army, Minister of War, and Claudius foster brother. 
    2. As a loyal follower, he participated in a raiding of an orphanage...
    3. Has great braverly and leadership
    4. Uses a "humanoid" machinery "Guardian"
      1. Made for defense
  2. Viktor Timashev (Atsuki Tani)
    1. Head of General Staff H.Q. and Minister of House Affairs
    2. He excels in strategy and who plans to expand the Empire.
    3. Participated in the raiding of an orphanage...
    4. A cold personality, he has a gloomy and superficial polite tone to people
    5. Uses "serpant" machinery "Snake"
      1. Used for stealth
  3. Gustav Mecklenburg (Toshihiko Seki)
    1. Head and Minister of the Navy.
    2. Effective in magic machinery and naval combat.
    3. Participated in raiding an orphanage...
    4. Frivolous with no sense of humor.
    5. Uses "whale" machinery... "Whale"
      1. Ideal for mobility and transporting
  4. Balthus Greppenberg (Kenji Nojima)
    1. Admiral and Minister of Foreign Affairs
    2. The youngest of the four, he is a trickster
    3. Assisted in raiding an orphanage...
    4. Speaks with a correct tone, useful for his diplomacy tasks, yet can be vulgar in battle
    5. Uses "dragon" machinery... "Dragon"
      1. A view of aggressive posture

Kingdom of Jutland

Jutland has also a list of characthers, ranging from guards to engineers.[2]

We have :

  1. Miranda Vilfort
    1. Princess Imperial Guard
    2. Lower-Class Noble
    3. Childhood friends with Princess Ophelia
  2. Godot Vilfort
    1. Imperial Guard
    2. Miranda's elder brother
    3. Serves as Vanargand's adjutant
  3. Jordur Kvist
    1. A member of the regular army
    2. joins Vanargand to earn money for his children
  4. Issac Berggreen
    1. Upper-Class Noble
    2. Joins Vanargand to uphold family honor.
  5. Daryl Rommedahl
    1. A former member who left for unknown reasons
    2. Came back due to the war
  6. Sara Banner
    1. Designer and Engineer
    2. Friendly, doesn't care about soical status
  7. Tilda Gade
    1. Engineer, owns her own workshop
    2. Quiet and enjoys puns