Toyold the Bull
Hvy tank ace.png
Affiliation East Europan Imperial Alliance
Unit Class Tank-insignia.png Tank Commander
Weapon Drop Firing Calculator (Shamrock)

Report 08: Flower of the Battlefield

Voice Acting
Japanese Not voiced
English Not voiced

Toyold the Bull is one of three Imperial tank aces encountered in Valkyria Chronicles.

Toyold appears in Report 08: Flower of the Battlefield, commanding a Heavy Imperial Tank. He is part of the attack force on the refugee camp and will advance every turn, firing on any unit in range.

His turret hit location has a special name; "The Bull's Horns," but is simply an ordinary turret.

Defeating him earns the Part Firing Calculator, a 3 x 1, +15 accuracy Part for the Shamrock. Given the Shamrock's relative lack of accuracy boosting Parts, this is a valuable reward.

Stats and Equipment


20181222133503 1.jpg

Heavy Tank Gun

20181222133510 1.jpg


20181222133537 1.jpg


  • Both the hull and turret have the same stats as a level 3 Heavy Imperial tank, with the only difference being the gray ace paint job on the tank.
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