A Bruhl Watchman

Town Watchman is a pseudo-class of unit in Valkyria Chronicles, only appearing in the early chapters set in Bruhl, They also feature in the very first mission of Valkyria Chronicles 2. They also make an appearance in Valkyria Chronicles 3 but are no longer just scouts but other classes like lancer and shocktrooper as well.

Rather predictably Town Watchmen are part of their respective city or town's Watch, paramilitary organisations common in urban and semi-urban settlements (the town of Bruhl and the city of Yuell are both known to maintain significant Town Watches despite their population differences) charged with the maintenance of order and protection of their home and its residents.

Equipment and abilities

A Town Watchman is functionally a low-level Scout unit, equipped with a Gallian-1 rifle. They do not inherit the class' level on repeat playthroughs, and are always equipped with basic armour; they also have no Potentials, and cannot carry Grenades. They have no voiceovers, simply grunting when selected or attacking. Like Leaders, they will retreat automatically at zero hitpoints.

In speedruns, the Town Watchman forms an essential part of early-game strategy due to the lack of victory animation after killing an enemy.

In the Anime the Bruhl Town Watch are also equipped with a pair of neglected Gallian light tanks.

Notable Watchmen


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