• Hey Rasserus- I've got a project I think you might be interested in. You know how our wiki's information on the storyline of VC4 are somewhat ....sparse?

    I've got a small project for you - to start building up the stories of each of the VC4 characters. I think it'd be a fun project - after all, I got my start in building up the lore around VC3's storyline, whether it be in its weapons, people, or even its ace page. Heck, I just got so frustrated with the lack of VC3 ace info that I just started adding to the page as time went by. Then it just snowballed into admin status. :)

    It doesn't have to be big - little additions to the mission pages, expanding character biographies, maybe even adding some speculation in the trivia sections of VC4 characters about VC4 lore.

    You in?

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    • I maybe can a do a little with some characters.

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    • FYI, I'm going to remove any tabs with biographies and place the info back to the main page. Not going to delete any biography pages

      Also, appearance and personality is a hard subject to add. As biographies tells some of them already. I think, appearance, biographies and personality should be merge as one.

      Lastly, I am adding in tabber to each picture profile. Face, Full-body and Winter. Lancers will have a close up picture with the lance cut off. This allows to see the characters better.

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    • Good work with the tab removal + tabbers - let me think about the biography issue a little more. The thing is that they're derived directly from the game, so I'll have to talk things out with the others about this.

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