• I still think the system of subdividing VC4 character pages into five sub-pages is excessive for one-off non-storyline characters: we don't do that with the characters in any of the other games, it's just all on the one page and works fine. I see the point of having a sub-page for quotes since that section tends to be very large compared to the rest of the article, but it seems to be complexity for the sake of complexity with all the others.

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    • This is how the issue of consistency is being addressed. It hasn't been done for certain character pages because editors get to choose what they want to edit or work on. The plan was to get it on ALL the character pages. The idea was to get it on all main character pages first, then recurring characters and eventually all characters. Unfortunately, I am just one person.

      I am open to suggestions in regards to addressing consistency and standardization for character pages. Is it complex to consider the element of choice when you peruse an article?

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    • Wel when I read an article I like to have everything in one place: having to keep scrolling to the top is annoying, not to mention that often when you click to go to one of those sub-pages it's a blank stub anyway. I mean, isn't this just addressing a problem that the article's table of contents already solves?

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    • Like I stated above, if you have an idea about how to handle consistency in terms of character page formats, please do share and I will adjust the pages accordingly. If you're having further issues with the template, I will create a guide for you to understand how it functions. I would rather continue to work on populating pages on this Wiki with missing information.

      It wouldn't be a blank stub if the page was filled out. This format is contingent on the fact that content would need to exist. Content can only exist if you create it. If you don't add anything, of course there wouldn't be content to look at. This is a framework to display that content and it compels creation. If it's blank, take ownership and create it. Or just leave it blank, that is entirely your choice.

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    • Yeah, but that's the problem with it, it turns a completely adequate page like the one for Odin into five stubs in the hope someone will wander by and fill them with...something. We don't need to give ourselves five times the workload trying to fill in all these tiny little pages when, as said, none of the other games have character pages laid out in this way.

      As said, the layout used for characters in VC1, 2 and 3 is a fine model, everything on one page with sub-pages only if that character appears in multiple games. I'd add we could use a subsection for quotes since that's a pretty big section if it's filled, but that's about all the sub-pages there need to be.

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    • Hey guys, I'm incline to agree with Evil Tim here. The Tab system is really confusing because they contain different category of information and yet they seem to be in the same grouping. It took me a while to understand what's going on. I have a few suggestions that might help:

      • Have one page only for all information regarding canonical Biography, Appearance, Personality, Story and Trivia.
      • Have one unified section for Biography. In Alicia's case, for example, I can see that there are multiple biographies spread out on many pages: Alicia Melchiott, Alicia Melchiott/Biography, and Alicia Melchiott/VC2. Plus, the content in Alicia Melchiott/Biography contains repeated information. Try to combine them into one concise bio of a person, following a chronological order, instead of having one bio for each game entry.
      • Non-canonical info (Anime, VCD, Merchandise, etc.) should be on their own pages, or added to the Other Appearance section.
      • For all the Gameplay information in those little VC1, VC2, VC3, VC4 Tabs, the neatest way to organize them is to create a section called Gameplay Information (in each character's main page) and simply add links to them. Something like this:

      Gameplay Information

      For information regarding Alicia's stats, potentials, quotes, please refer to:

      Or if you still want to use those Tabs, at least put them within the Gameplay Information section.

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    • I can agree with that solution for the biography and the gameplay pages. For the most part, it seems all of the biography is canon so there won't be issues with trying to unify, besides removing it from the gameplay pages. I was actually thinking of something to that effect, like how it is with the biography section linking to the biography page. Merchandise can just have a small blurb on the character page and be linked to the appropriate page for it. I will also modify the character boxes for the gameplay pages as those shouldn't need much information compared to the main page.

      I'll get to work on that then!

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    • Awesome! Thanks for you amazing effort and for taking such a good care of this wiki :)

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