• It seems on this wiki often the Biography section simply contains a character's profile description or in-game "Personnel" data, as opposed to being actual biography (I just checked, English VC1 doesn't call it "Biography"). And then there are things that are partially in-game text but partially edited, which from a copyright/license perspective can technically be an issue (derivative writing).

    I doubt the wiki would actually get into trouble for in-game text. Whereas if there are source book or art book text, those would be have a higher potential for copyright problems. There's a difference between documenting information found in a book, versus "plagiarizing" the text of the book.

    I would suggest official in-game text (or other official/copyrighted text) be placed in <blockquote> tags (and identify where it is quoted from, so that people would only edit it to correct any quoting mistakes). The in-game "Personnel" text would belong in "Profile" but not "Biography". "Biography" would be a main article section that is merged with "History" and/or "Story", and avoid direct copy (and shallow edits) of copy-righted text. Some characters, especially squad members that aren't central to the main plot, might only have "Profile" descriptions without a "Biography".

    I also have a separate issue where I feel a person's biography should belong on the character's main character article as opposed to being split out on a subpage. A person's biography should be the second most important aspect of a character needing textual description. If the main article is too long, it would be the other stuff that gets split out from the main article (such as a multi-paragraph treatise on different outfits that barely tells me anything more than an image gallery would).

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    • BTW I'd like the following to be added to both MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Wikia.css:

      .WikiaArticle blockquote {
          background: #fdf6e3;
          color: black;
          padding: 5px 10px;

      The <blockquote> tag is currently used on some weapon articles such as Lancaar. The css rules would add a background color for the blockquoted, whereas currently it only gets an indentation that isn't always very visually distinguishable.

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