These are the quotes for Ted Ustinov in Valkyria Chronicles 1.


English Audio
""I'll knock 'em dead!" noicon
"Here I go." noicon
"I hate hecklers..." (HP Critical) noicon
"...Tough crowd today." (HP Critical) noicon
"...Ha!" noicon
"Hi, I'm Ted!" noicon
"Will this work!?" noicon
Killing a Foe
"Thank you. Thank youuu." noicon
Enemy Sighted
"Oooo! Found one!" noicon
"Enemy found." noicon
Team Attack
"Let's make it a two man show." noicon
"Knock, Knock! Ted." noicon
"Oooo! Lemme help!" noicon
"Melville! A guy walked into a bar..." noicon
"Cherry! You ever heard about...?" noicon
"Nancy! You ever hear word about...?" noicon
Personal Potentials
"Ahhh! My throat feels all hairy."
(Metal Allergy)
"Nice, huh? Just us guys."
(Fancies Men)
"Hey, ladies! Nice spot, huh?"
(Fancies Women)
"I love playin' to a full house!"
Battle Potentials
"I guarantee this one'll slay ya." (Undodgeable Shot) noicon
"I can see in the dark! Is that weird?" (Nocturnal) noicon
"WoooWhooo! Lucky me!" (Dud Mine) noicon
"I can see your punch line from a mile away!" (Ultimate Evade) noicon
Healed by Ragnaid
"I could just kiss you." noicon
Rescuing an Ally
"Medic!" noicon
After Medic Visit
"Come on! This isn't even funny!" noicon
"Doc! You gotta help my buddy out." noicon
"Melville! Come back to me!" noicon
"Keep fighting, Nancy!" noicon
"You can't die, Cherry!" noicon
Leave Battle
"Everyone's...a critic." (Unconscious) noicon
"I-Is this...really the punch line...? If so, I...I'm not laughing..."(Death) noicon
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