The Tech Elite is a 3rd-tier class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Valkyria Chronicles 3.

They can be promoted from Tech Veterans as part of

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Tech Elites appear in VC2 as a 3rd-tier unit of the Armored Tech Class Tree; they can be promoted from Tech Veterans. The credit requirements for changing one unit's class into a Tech Elite are: Diploma x1, Attack x3, MarchII x2, MarchII X x1

Tech elites can place anti-armor mines on battlefields. Their mines are even stronger than those carried by Tech Veterans, capable of damaging enemy tanks and killing enemy infantry (except Lancers and Mortarer as they wear blast-resistant suit). Tech Elites are also unquestionably the most heavily armored infantryman in the game, surpassing even their melee specialist opposites, the Elite Fencer and Mauler.

Standard equipment:

Valkyria Chronicles 3

In VC3, Tech Elites are identical to Armored Techs and Tech Veterans except for their HP and evasion stats; they also lose the ability to lay mines and use ragnaid.

For more information, see Armored Tech#Valkyria Chronicles 3.


  • The GRA have no known Tech Elites.

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