Susie Evans
Susie in Valkyria Chronicles.
Birth Date c.1916 (Aged 21 by 1937)
Gender Female
Affiliation Gallian Militia
Rank(s) Pvt profile.pngPrivate
Role Gallian militiaman (former)
Charity worker
Unit Class Scout-insignia.png Scout
Likes Elysse Moore
Knute Jung
Valkyria Chronicles
Voice Acting
Japanese Rie Tozuka
English Megan Hollingshead
"I've had enough of killing... and being killed..."
—Susie Evans, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Susie Evans (スージー・エヴァンス Sūjī Evansu?) is a nineteen year old Squad 7 scout who appears in the original Valkyria Chronicles videogame.

Susie also plays an expanded role in the Valkyria Chronicles anime as Alicia's childhood friend, fellow member of Bruhl's Town Watch and finally her comrade in Squad 7.

Susie also appears as a hidden character in Valkyria Chronicles 2.





Valkyria Chronicles
As the daughter of a frontier tycoon, she knew precious little of the ways of the world, once naively paying 25dct for a single apple.

Though a pacifist normally incapable of killing a fly, her family's honor forced her to enlist. Fundamentally opposed to war, she finds killing loathsome.

Despite heavy opposition from within her family, she used personal funds to build a shelter for those injured in the war, where she continues to work today.

Expanded Biography (VC1)
Susie comes from a very wealthy family, and therefore lacks common sense when it comes to the value of money. She tends to spend vast amounts of money without hesitation. Susie joined the militia in order to uphold her family's honor, but she is a very passive person who wouldn't even hurt a fly, so needless to say she despised the war and all the fighting that was involved. After the war, she spent all of her personal assets to found a facility that offered relief to the victims of war, despite the strong opposition she received from the rest of her family. Susie works at this facility to personally aid in their charitable efforts.
Expanded Biography (VC3)
"A bona fide noble who fights to defend the weak and her family name."
Susie was born to a rich family in a remote region of Gallia. She is a pacifist at heart and loathes the very idea of war, but she willingly joined the militia in hopes of quickly ending the war with as few casualties as possible, and also to maintain her family's good name.

Susie led a very sheltered life before joining the militia, and it shows. She has a calm and gentle personality, is ignorant of social affairs, and also very generous with her money since she basically thinks it grows on trees. Despite the fact that she chose to join the militia, she still dislikes violence and it pains her to see people getting hurt on the battlefield.

After the Gallian Campaign, Susie ignored her family's opposition and used all of her money to build a support center for war victims. She now spends every day of her life assisting the war relief effort, and prays that the tragedy of war will never be repeated again.


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Susie's Drops in Valkyria Chronicles 3 OVA

  • Susie's fourth Personal Potential is the worst in the game. Humanitarian's description is misleading; if the Potential triggers when Susie is ordered to attack, she will not attack, instead instantly ending her current movement phase. This wastes a Command Point, and often leaves her dangerously exposed to fire from the enemy she was targeting, requiring another CP to remedy this. Like Herbert Nielsen, a player intending to use Susie extensively should avoid going to Castlefront Street to unlock her final Potential.
    • Her Potential, Humanitarian, also makes her a great choice to sacrifice to earn the Splintered Horn medal once unlocked.
  • Susie becomes a member of Edy's detachment and stars in both the Edy’s Mission: Enter the Edy Detachment and Challenges of the Edy Detachment downloadable content.
  • Susie appears in Valkyria Chronicles 2 as a character in the hidden "Edy Detachment" bonus squad. Entering the code CR6BG1A9LYQKB6WJ (NA/EU) or TKBHCNBERHRKJNFG (JP) will recruit the squad to your roster in game.
  • Her family company produces a type of candy called "Susie's Drops".


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