Supply Vehicle
Supply vehicle.png
Technical Information
Affiliation GRA
Length 4.99m
Width 2.06m
Height 2.22m
3.82m (incl. energy towers)
Weight 5.3t
Top speed 55 km/h
Engine power 95hp/3200rpm
Weapons Gram 12.7mm machine gun

The Supply Vehicle is a special vehicle utilized by the GRA in Valkyria Chronicles 2.


Supply Vehicles carry ragnite-distributing antennas to supply additional power to the GRA's Artificial Valkyria corps in the field, enhancing their firepower and durability. Essentially, it is an APC equipped with a special backpack part. On the downside, however, they are fragile and only carry a weak MG for self-defense.

Supply Vehicles are always present in areas where V2s are deployed, though they tend to be well-hidden and protected. Whilst alive, they will allow the V2s to use their beam attack and generate a damage reducing shield. If destroyed, any V2s in the area will be forced to rely solely on their personal generators, greatly reducing their effectiveness.


  • The Supply Vehicle appears to be a modified Medium APC chassis.
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