Fortifications at Siegval

The Siegval Line was a fortified defensive line built along the old borders of the Empire. It was considered the final defense of Schwartzgrad, the Imperial capital.

It was completed in 1933, two years before the Second Europan War broke out. Constructed over old borders, it was built to provide a lasting and formidable defense in the event of an aggressive enemy invasion.

In September of 1935, in response to the Federation's aggressive inward advance under Operation Northern Cross, the Empire sacrificed a majority of the offensive campaign to allocate all of their resources into defending the Siegval Line. Thousands of Imperial troops and armor were placed along the wall of pillboxes and fortresses as the Federation armies pushed their way up towards this line. By the time they arrived, scores of imperial defenders were waiting to wither away the courageous western forces, soldier by soldier.

Despite facing impeccable odds; both the Ranger Corps and Squad E were able to punch through and surgically unleash a precise flanking maneuver that caused the Imperial defenders to retreat and break through. However, in a desperate bid to demolish Squad E's victory against the empire, an elite tank division was dispatched. Unfortunately, Claude was able to fend off the new threat while rescuing both Raz and Kai from the former's rather rambo episode.

With the Siegval Line lost, the Federation had a clean shot for the beating heart of the Empire.


  • It is named after the Siegfried Line.
  • The name is exclusive to the English version: the Japanese version writes the name in the Latin alphabet as "Siegwall" line. However, pronunciation is mostly identical.
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