Shuntr the Mount

Affiliation East Europan Imperial Alliance
Weapon Drop ZM SG 5(g)

Shuntr the Mount is one of the Imperial aces encountered in the original Valkyria Chronicles game.

His first and only appearance is in the canyon where Squad 7 attempts to disable the Marmota, guarding the intended destination point along with a Trooper and Lancer Elite.

He uses the ZM SG 5, and drops the ZM SG 5(g) when defeated.

Stats and Equipment

20181221155129 1.jpg

  • Defense - 30
  • Accuracy - 100
  • Evade - 1


20181221155133 1.jpg


  • Has one of the highest, if not the most, hitpoints among any sniper in any of the game's main story.
  • He reappears as a Rebel ace in VC2, as his original VC1 incarnation, and as several other aces without any particular theme.
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