The Shocktrooper is a core infantry class in Valkyria Chronicles. They are heavily armed soldiers who excel at close ranged anti-infantry combat, especially urban and trench warfare and have been shown throughout the series to make up the bulk of infantry in large scale assaults and defensive actions.

Gallian Shocktroopers

Valkyria Chronicles

Shocktroopers have high defensive and offensive abilities particularly against entrenched troops and fortifications after they attain elite status. While they lack the range and peripheral vision of a scout, they make up for these shortcomings with greater survivability and vastly superior intercept damage potentials.

Shocktroopers have average mobility and an average number of action points (350, then 450 AP at elite), can evade enemy fire, intercept enemy combatants, counter attack and launch cooperative assaults with adjacent allied units.

Equipment Predecessor Class Successor Class
None None


Level Experience Unlocks
2 288
3 1074 1st Potential
4 2322
5 4010 Order: Attack boost
6 6129
7 8666 2nd Potential
8 11616
9 14971
10 18726 Order: All Units Attack
11 22875 Elite: Flamethrower & 3rd Potential
12 27417
13 32347 Order: Neutralize
14 37659
15 43353
16 49426 Order: First Aid
17 55874
18 62696 4th Potential
19 69889
20 77450

Total upgrade cost: 546788 experience

Valkyria Chronicles 2

In Valkyria Chronicles 2 the shocktrooper is the core class in the Shocktrooper Class Tree and is able to upgrade to either the Trooper Veteran, or the brand new Gunner class.

Like their Valkyria Chronicles counterparts Shocktroopers have average mobility (350 AP, which is admittedly proportionally more than their VC1 predecessors), can evade enemy fire, intercept enemy combatants, counter attack and launch cooperative assaults with adjacent allied units

However they can no longer equip underbarrel flamethrowers, this honour being reserved for the new Commando class; in addition, they are unable to use Ragnaid until they are promoted to Trooper Veterans or Gunners.

Nevertheless, compared to their predecessors in VC1, they are much more versatile and mobile, tiding them over till they can promoted to higher classes in the mid- and late-game.

Equipment Predecessor Class Successor Class
None Shocktrooper-insignia.pngTrooper Veteran


Valkyria Chronicles 3

In Valkyria Chronicles 3, shocktroopers return as a core class available from the beginning, with all units able to convert to shocktroopers (or any unit type at all) once base camp is unlocked.

Compared to their VC2 predecessors, they are seemingly on par with them, the one point of contention being that their AP is reduced to 300; however, it is in their late-game potential where they are significantly nerfed.

Even though VC3 shocktroopers can level up to veteran and elite ranks, they gain no AP in their high ranks, in contrast to Commandos gaining an additional 50 AP for a total of 400 AP. Furthermore, even though VC3 shocktroopers can now equip Flamethrowers once they've leveled up to elite rank, this comes at the cost of reducing their machine guns' strength. In addition, even though VC2 shocktroopers can gain the ability to use ragnaid canisters once they are promoted, VC3 shocktroopers are unable to use ragnaid at all.

Imperial Shocktroopers

Imperial shock trooper supported by a light tank.

Imperial shocktroopers were fielded in identical roles to their Gallian counterparts and have comparable abilities.

Each shocktrooper was armed with a ZM MP series submachine gun and hand grenades. Imperial shocktroopers wear heavier armor than their Gallian counterparts in addition to the distinctive helmets worn by all imperial troops and were deployed as the main fighting force of the Empire during the Gallian war.

Elite shocktroopers are distinguishable by their black uniforms and are also armed with barrel mounted flame throwers.

GRA Shocktroopers

GRA Shocktroopers supported by a tank

GRA Shocktroopers have similar role to Gallian counterparts and they have comparable abilities. GRA Shocktroopers wear slightly heavier armor than their Gallian counterparts with distinctive 'mask' helmets identical to GRA troops. They are armed with 'Hildr' series submachine gun. GRA trooper aces wear red colored armor with X-marked red helmet on their head.

Some shocktroopers are also deployed to deal status ailments with their submachine guns.

Atlantic Federation Shocktroopers

Atlantic Federation shocktroopers have the same role as their counterparts in previous entries.

They are a core class with no sub-variations. Leveling up to elite grants the ability to develop and use flamethrowers, while paragon status only increases stats.

Shocktroopers receive substantial buffs this generation; base level troopers have 500 AP, while becoming an elite increases their mobility to 600 AP. They also are equipped with stronger armor compared to other Federation Units, with the exception of Lancers.

Atlantic Federation Shocktrooper S-U M F.jpg


Level Experience Unlocks
2 480
3 730 1st potential
4 1480 Order: Attack Boost
5 2410
6 3530
7 4840 2nd potential
8 6330
9 8010
10 9870
11 11920 Elite: Flamethrower & 3rd potential
12 14580
13 17000 Order: All Units Attack
14 19610
15 23520
16 26500
17 29670 Order: Neutralize
18 34670 4th Potential
19 40120
20 46040
21 49400 Paragon
22 52920
23 56600
24 60440
25 64440
26 68600
27 72920
28 77400
29 82040
30 86840

Total upgrade cost: 972,910 experience


  • The term "Shock Trooper" refers to elite, highly mobile infantry trained and equipped to break through enemy lines via overwhelming assault and then exploit the breakthrough to attack rear-echelon areas: the term was popularised around WW1. It is derived from a loose translation of the German word "Stoßtrupp.." While stoß is sometimes translated as "shock" in English, the particular usage in Stoßtrupp derives from the word stoßen (to push), referring to their task of pushing through enemy lines. The term "Storm Trooper" has the same root, as companies of Stoßtruppen were referred to as Sturmtruppen.
  • Their armament with submachine guns is more reflective of WW2-era Soviet "Shock Armies," some of which had entire platoons or even companies equipped with nothing but PPSh-41 submachine guns.

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