Serge Liebert (VC3)

Serge Liebert
Serge Liebert
Alias Number 45
Birth Date c.1917 (Aged 20 by 1937)
Height 169cm
Affiliation Gallian Army
Role Gallian army personnel
Preferred Engineer-insigniaEngineer
Likes Shin Hyuga
Kurt Irving
Felix Cowley
Zahar Alonso
Voice Acting
Japanese Keisuke Komoto
English Jess Harnell
"I feel pain... I guess I'm still alive..."
—Serge Liebert, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Serge Liebert (セルジュ・リーベルト Seruju Rīberuto?) is a Squad 422 Sniper and Number 45.


He has a fatal illness which is his reason for joining the Nameless. He would much rather die on the battlefield than in a bed waiting for illness to claim him.

After disobeying orders for him not to sortie, Kurt learns of his deathwish and extracts a promise from Serge that, for as long as Kurt commands the squad and they have need of him, Serge will live, fight, and not die until he is given the permission to do so. Tearfully, Serge accepts the conditions.

Expanded Biography

"A young soldier who seeks his deathbed on the battlefield."

Serge had a promising future in the Gallian Army due to his remarkable skill as a sniper, but when he found that he would soon succumb to an incurable disease, he requested a transfer to Nameless in hopes of dying in combat.

Quiet and frail, Serge barely seems to have a will to live and often goes unnoticed by those around him. He desires little more than to die a soldier's death, and is therefore perfectly willing to take on the riskier roles during a mission. Despite Serge's desire to die in combat, Kurt was able to teach him the value of what little life he had left, which helped Serge to become a more hopeful young man. Serge was one of the first Nameless to recognize Kurt's true abilities, and immediately felt a deep respect for his new commander.

Even after Nameless was disbanded, Serge continued to consider Kurt his commanding officer. Stating that he wouldn't allow himself to die without direct orders from Kurt, Serge settled into a quiet life under the tutelage of a shepherd.

Max Stats

Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout Elite 224 650 71 25 16
Trooper Elite 232 300 69 25 18
Lancer Elite 235 250 72 24 24
Engineer Elite 274 450 84 30 17
Tech Elite 226 350 - 24 54
Sniper Elite 262 250 85 29 14
Gunner Elite 230 300 70 25 18
Fencer Elite 228 350 - 24 21

Personal Potentials

  • Hidden Fighting Spirit - Defense may be raised after selection if Serge is in an area containing more enemies than allies.
  • Soldier's Pride - Defense may be raised while under interception fire.
  • Weak Constitution - When AP is less than half its total points, defense may be lowered.
  • Without a Future - When AP is less than half its total points, accuracy may be lowered.
  • Ray of Light - When AP is less than half, accuracy and anti-personnel damage may be boosted. Replaces Without a Future after completing the Extra Chapter The Soldier who Loves the Battlefield.

Battle Potentials

In Valkyria Chronicles 3, all characters share the same set of battle potentials for each and every unit class. For the list of battle potentials, see Potentials in Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Squad Leader


  • 行動開始!


  • 当てる!
  • 動くな!

Killing a foe

  • 敵撃破!
  • いずれ向こうで会おう!

Enemy Sighted

Team Attack

Personal Potentials

Battle Potentials

Healed by Ragnaid

Rescuing an Ally

  • フェリクスさん。。しっかり! (Felix)

HP Critical



Revived by Medic

Status Ailment


  • Serge's grounds for Namelessness was of his own request for a transfer from the Gallian Army to Nameless (desires to die on the battlefield).
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