These are the quotes for Selvaria Bles, a character from Valkyria Chronicles.


Valkyria Chronicles

Selection Voice
"Moving out!" noicon
"Die!" noicon
"Hmph!" noicon
Killing a Foe
"Enemy neutralized."
Enemy Sighted
"There you are..." noicon
"Enemy sighted!" noicon
Team Attack
"I have your back." noicon
Personal Potentials
"Leave this to me!" (Born Leader) noicon
"Tch!...Another tank!" (Tank Hater) noicon
"I never miss." (Accuracy Boost) noicon
Healed by Ragnaid
"Good work...Thank you." noicon
HP Critical
"I won't be broken..." noicon
"I'll not go out quietly..." noicon
"So this is to be my grave... Your Grace... forgive me..." noicon
"Hear me, loyal son of The Empire! Shore up your defenses and ready for their attack!" (Defensive Stance) noicon
"Hear me, loyal men of The Empire! Make your guard hard as the Valkyria shield!" (All Units Defend) noicon
"Hear me, loyal men of The Empire! Set your aim true as the Valkyria lance!" (Concentrate Fire) noicon
"Tend to your wounds and rejoin the fray! Hawk legions, hear my orders now!" (Heal All) noicon

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Valkyria Chronicles 3

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