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Selvaria Bles
Selvaria in Valkyria Chronicles.
Alias War Witch
Valkyrur Witch
Birth Date c.1913 (Aged 22 by 1935)
Gender Female
Height 175cm
Affiliation Imperial Army
Drei Stern
Rank(s) Gen profile.pngBrigadier General
Role Leader of the Central Gallian Invasion
Unit Class Scout-insignia.png Scout
Boss-insignia.png Boss
Valkyrur-insignia.png Valkyria
Valkyria Chronicles
Valkyria Chronicles 3
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Voice Acting
Japanese Sayaka Ohara
English April Stewart (VC1)
Carrie Keranen (VC4)
"I will use my powers for the purposes of my lord!"
—Selvaria Bles, Valkyria Chronicles 3

Selvaria Bles (セルベリア・ブレス Seruberia Buresu?) is a twenty-two year old Brigadier General and a member of the Drei Stern under Maximilian's direct command. She is one of the leaders of the Empire's invasion of Gallia and one of the main antagonists in Valkyria Chronicles & Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Selvaria appears as a playable cameo character in Valkyria Chronicles 2. She retains the same potentials she had in the DLC Mission: Selvaria's Mission: Behind Her Blue Flame. Her Valkyria form is not used within this game. Selvaria can be unlocked using the passcode 53K8FKGP1GHQ4SBN in the US/EU version of Valkyria Chronicles 2 and is considered one of the toughest scouts in the game.

Selvaria also makes a cameo as a playable character within the story of Valkyria Chronicles 3 as well as being a non-canonical recruit of Squad 422.

Selvaria reprises this role in A-1 Pictures' Valkyria Chronicles' anime adaptation.





Valkyria Chronicles
A young commander identified by her long silver hair and red eyes. She fervently supports Maximilian and will fight proudly and bravely for any of his causes.

Undefeated since she began work as one of Maximilian's commanders, her forays into the nations around the Empire struck with the force of a tidal wave.

After being identified as a Valkyria in her early childhood, she was held at an Imperial research facility and used as a test subject in their experiments until Maximilian rescued her (ironically Maximilian was one of the biggest sponsors of the experiments).

Selvaria enjoyed cooking as a meditative exercise and strove to recapture the taste of her mother's cooking that lingered within her memories.

Bested at Ghirlandaio, she sacrificed herself to call forth the Valkyria's final flame, completely eradicating the citadel with her.
Valkyria Chronicles 2
A leader under Maximilian's direct command. After being identified as a Valkyria in childhood, she was held at a research facility and used as a test subject. Worships Maximilian, as he saved her from the research facility.
Valkyria Chronicles 3
One of Maximilian's three generals. She closely follows his every order and is eternally devoted to him. In order to repel an assassination attempt on Maximilian by the Nameless at Ghirlandaio, she lifted her self-imposed ban on assuming her Valkyrur powers. She died on October 8, 1935. After Ghirlandaio was recaptured, she sacrificed herself using the Valkyrur Final Flame, killing herself and everyone garrisoned at the fort.
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Lieutenant colonel, age 20. Answers to Imperial Prince Maximilian directly, and was promoted from major in record time.

Before she was recruited by Maximilian, she was a Valkyrian test subject. She met Crymaria Levin at the laboratory.

She detests how the research facility treats Valkyria, and is deeply grateful to Maximilian for saving her from it.

Though she rarely betrays emotion, and comes off as cold, she respects Crymaria and wishes for her to find happiness.
Expanded Biography
The Woman Closest to Maximilian
"With pleasure. I live only to serve your majesty."
—Selvaria Bles, Valkyria Chronicles
Selvaria was born in a small village in Eastern Europa, the kind of place one hears about in folk songs. Her mother was a loving woman who enjoyed cooking and her father was a strong, dependable man. Selvaria enjoyed a peaceful and happy childhood surrounded by her family until the outbreak of the first Europan war. The Imperial Army invaded her small village, causing Selvaria's Valkyria Power to reveal itself during the carnage. The Imperial troops immediately knew Selvaria for what she really was and took her away from her parents to quarantine her in the Imperial research facility dedicated to studying the legends of the Valkyria.

Trapped in the research facility, Selvaria suffered torturous experiments every day as Imperial scientists attempted to develop a way to turn Valkyrur into "weapons." Not a single person at the research facility treated Selvaria as a human being, and she led a miserable life as nothing more than a test subject. One day, a young man arrived at the research facility and spoke the first kind words Selvaria had heard in years. That young man was none other than Prince Maximilian. Removing Selvaria from the research facility, Maximilian invited her to stay at his royal estate. He took Selvaria as his personal aide and gave her a luxurious life complete with the highest education available in the entire empire. Selvaria quickly developed romantic feelings for Maximilian and worshipped the man who saved her from the hell of the research facility. She swore her everlasting loyalty to the prince.

Desperate to please Maximilian, Selvaria led his battalion to many victories as their commander, and her name soon became known to the highest echelons of the Imperial army. During this time, Maximilian revealed the true nature of her Valkyria power to Selvaria, telling her that it could easily allow her to conquer the world but that using the power would eventually drain her of her life force. Though they both knew that Maximilian could take over the empire with Selvaria at his side, he warned Selvaria not to use her powers, stating that he was concerned for her well-being. He also pointed out that if too many people came to know that she was a descendant of the Valkyrur, other individuals may come after her in order to exploit her powers. They agreed to keep the secret of her heritage between the two of them.

Eventually, the second Europan war began, and Maximilian prepared to invade Gallia. Hoping to be of some use to Maximilian, Selvaria stepped up to the frontlines as one of his Triumviri.
For Maximilian
"Ever since your majesty rescued me, I have... come to care deeply for your majesty."
—Selvaria Bles, Valkyria Chronicles
Maximilian, who saved her from her life in the research facility, was like a god to Selvaria, and she was determined to use her powers to their full potential in his service. She had been told that a Valkyrur powers first emerge when the Valkyria's life is in danger, and they come into contact with their lance and shield. Without hesitation, Selvaria plunged a dagger into her own chest, and by grabbing hold of her lance and shield, she was able to awaken the ancient legacy within her. As a Valkyria, Selvaria swore to live only for Maximilian.
Maximilian's Valkyria
"Charge! Destroy the Gallian forces!"
—Selvaria Bles, Valkyria Chronicles
Despite the fact that her Valkyrur heritage was the cause of her earlier suffering, Selvaria willingly awakened her powers for the sake of Maximilian. She accepted her role as his weapon and swore to do whatever she could to bring glory to his name. The knowledge that she was the only Valkyria, and that she was the one best suited to grant Maximilian's every desire gave Selvaria confidence and emotional support, but that internal pillar was shattered by the appearance of a second Valkyria, Alicia.
To find Meaning
"This time... as a human being! I need to understand the reason for my existence."
—Selvaria Bles, Valkyria Chronicles
Selvaria had risked her life to gain her Valkyrur power, yet was easily defeated by Alicia, who had awakened as a Valkyria in the midst of war. To make matters worse, Selvaria then received orders from Maximilian to self-destruct in order to serve his purposes, and it was only then that Selvaria realized her worth had been measured by the Valkyrur Power she had possessed. In her last battle at Ghirlandaio, desperate to prove her worth as a human being, Selvaria sealed away her Valkyrur Power and challenged the members of Squad 7 as an equal.
In a Blaze of Glory
"Here and now! This is the power of the Valkyria!"
—Selvaria Bles, Valkyria Chronicles
Having suffered another loss, Selvaria knew that there was only one way for her to be of use to Maximilian, and that was to use her Final Flame. Maximilian had been the one who gave her the desire to be loved as a woman, but he had also been the one who shattered that dream. He was everything to her. Though her desire for Maximilian's success was genuine, her heart was filled with complex emotions in her final moments. On October 7th 1935, Selvaria used her last bit of strength to ignite her Final Flame and left this world forever.
Expanded Biography (VC3)
"A tragic Valkyria who lives -- and sacrifices -- her life for an unrequited love."
Selvaria is a member of Quasi-Crown Prince Maximilian's "Drei Stern", an elite group of his most trusted officers. Selvaria is a Valkyria who grew up in Eastern Europa, but she was captured during an imperial attack and subjected to cruel torture in the name of science. Maximilian was the one who rescued her from the inhumane experiments, and she has since followed his every command with a love verging on worship. Selvaria was responsible for the destruction of Imca's hometown, and she has since become Imca's number one target.

Selvaria unleashed her Valkyria power in order to protect Maximilian when Nameless attacked Ghirlandaio Fortress. Though she seemed unstoppable, Selvaria was later defeated by Squad 7 and became a prisoner of the Gallian Militia. With all hope lost, Selvaria decided that her only option for remaining useful to Maximilian in the current situation was to invoke the Final Flame of the Valkyria and destroy the entire fortress, including the Gallian troops and herself.



Selvaria was one of a number of test subjects for Imperial research into Valkyria powers, and spent her youth undergoing cruel experiments in a lab. One of her fellow test subjects was Crymaria Levin. While the latter had more raw power, Selvaria proved more stable, and caught the eye of the young Maximilian during a visit to the labs.

Selvaria is known to have been on speaking terms with Klaus Walz while the two were both Majors, and to have met the Ausbruch commander again in 1933 EC, when Walz was touring the partially-completed Siegval Line. She rebuffed Walz's attempts to woo her and rejected his offer of dinner to celebrate her promotion to Lieutenant Colonel.

She was actually present at Siegval to evaluate Crymaria's performance: Crymaria soon took offence to her words, having always resented that Selvaria was the one "chosen," and the evaluation became a pitched battle between the two Valkyria. Following this, Selvaria delivered her report on Crymaria to Heinrich Belgar, recommending that she was ready for combat. In private, she tried to console the unstable Valkyria, telling her that someday she would find someone who loved her, as Selvaria believed she had with Maximilian. Crymaria dismissed this as fairytale nonsense, but privately wondered if perhaps it could be true.

Valkyria Chronicles

Selvaria makes her debut as a Valkyria.

By the time of the invasion of Gallia, Selvaria's meteoric rise through the ranks had made her one of Maximilian's three most trusted generals, Drei Stern. She led the Imperial Infantry formations during the invasion and occupation of Gallia and was a direct subordinate of Prince Maximilian. Selvaria is first encountered inside the ruins in the Barious Desert, escorting Maximilian into the unexplored depths of the hidden sanctuary. She later comes into direct conflict with Squad 7 as a Valkyria when she leads the Imperial forces to rescue the prince following the Batomys' demise, during the Battle of Barious Desert.

Selvaria later leads the Imperial forces at Naggiar once again as a Valkyria but is defeated by an awakened Valkyria Alicia, retreating with the remaining Imperials back to the Citadel of Ghirlandaio where she is finally defeated during a desperate last stand. Captured and with the Imperial forces in full retreat, Selvaria is brought before Georg von Damon, the supreme commander of the Gallian forces, who has taken up residence within the Citadel. In a final act of mercy, she requests that the militia escort the captured Imperial troops back to the capital where they are to be held as prisoners of war.

Von Damon, amused at the idea of "Rats leading rats" agrees and unwittingly saves Squad 7 from certain destruction. While being held and mocked within Ghirlandaio, Selvaria decides to reveal to Damon her final act bestowed upon her by her beloved Commander Maximillian, to destroy Ghirlandaio using the Valkyria's Final Flame, considered to be the ultimate weapon in the Valkyrur's arsenal. Selvaria sheds a tear as she unleashes fiery destruction upon the Citadel, annihilating the structure, its surrounding areas, the Gallian soldiers stationed within and ultimately vaporizing Von Damon himself with her blue flames.

Selvaria's Mission: Behind Her Blue Flame

Selvaria as a Valkyria.

In Selvaria's Mission: Behind Her Blue Flame downloadable content, Selvaria commands the original assault on the Ghirlandaio Citadel at the behest of the supreme commander of Imperial forces, Maximilian against the Gallian Army garrison led by General Georg von Damon.

She is assisted by an Engineer, Johann Oswald Eisen who is assigned to the force to assist Selvaria after the loss of her squadron's previous engineer in unspecified circumstances.

In spite of artillery bombardments and poisonous gas attacks ordered by Georg von Damon Selvaria (armed with the Ruhm) and her squad push the Gallian forces from their defensive positions inside the citadel in a well coordinated assault and then in further actions drive them from the surrounding areas, destroying their armoured support and wiping out Gallia's military presence in the area, allowing Imperial reinforcements to pour unhindered into the country and beginning the war against Gallia.

Behind Her Blue Flame contains an interesting insight to Selvaria's past when she reveals to Johann that she doesn't carry Ragnaid canisters as their blue phosphorescent glow brings back unpleasant memories of her childhood spent in an imperial research facility and the ragnite she was exposed to there.

Valkyria Chronicles 3

In the midst of the Imperial Invasion of Gallia, Selvaria destroyed a hometown which set about the motivations behind Imca's revenge. She encounters Imca at Ghirlandaio prior to the arrival of Squad 7 and confronts the vengeful youth in battle.


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Other Appearances

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Selvaria has appeared as a character in the following spin-off titles:

Selvaria has appeared as a guest character in the following titles:

Selvaria becomes a playable character in Valkyria Chronicles 4, by purchasing the VC4 DLC, The Two Valkyria.


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Illustration of Selvaria by Raita Honjou for Playstation's 20th Anniversary.

  • Selvaria commands the 5th regiment of the Imperial invasion force.
  • Appreciated as a rather deep and well-written female antagonist (by video game standards), professional critics' one quibble is her almost comically large bust. Many felt it was too distracting.
    • The major factor was the game's character designer, RAITA, known for doujin works of non-worksafe nature. It should be noted that he's unable to do doujin works of the series due to the contract he has with SEGA.
    • Ironically this appears to have set a trend for Valkyria if Alicia (anime and promotion materials) and Riela are anything to go by. That and it's a factor behind her popularity, though not the only one.
  • Selvaria quickly became a fan favorite and despite her death at Ghirlandaio in the original game had been brought back as a non-canon playable character in the Japanese release of Valkyria Chronicles 2 as a pre-order bonus alongside Maximilian, Isara and Faldio.
  • Due to her popularity Selvaria featured in the second edition of the Valkyria Chronicles gashapon figurine set. She joined the original set of Alicia, Isara, Eleanor and Rosie alongside new releases Lynn, Jane Turner, and Edy.
  • Selvaria was later chosen to appear in the Valkyria Chronicles "Bikini" gashapon figures set, featuring fan favorites from Valkyria Chronicles posing in bikinis and beachwear.
  • Selvaria also features as the main character in the multipart DLC "Behind Her Blue Flame" which details the original assault on the Gallian fortress of Ghirlandaio from the point of view of the Imperial invaders.
  • Two large scale figures of Selvaria Bles have been commissioned by Sega, one is a 1/6 scale figure featuring Selvaria with shield and lance published by ebCraft, the other is a 1/7 scale figure again featuring Selvaria wielding her shield and lance published by Alter.
  • Selvaria appears in Valkyria Chronicles III, possibly explaining her absence in the original Valkyria Chronicles between the campaign in Barious (Desert) and the battle at Naggiar Plains.
  • Selvaria is only a colonel (大佐) rather than a brigadier general in the Japanese script, as noted in the Design Archive. [1]


  1. Valkyria Chronicles 1 Design Archive, p.18

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