The Scout Elite is a 3rd-tier class introduced in Valkyria Chronicles 2. They are part of the Scout Class Tree and can be promoted from Scout Veterans with improved attributes. Scout elites have the highest number of AP compare to other classes, making them extremely useful in reconnaissance and capturing base.

They should not be confused with the "Scout Elites" in Valkyria Chronicles and Valkyria Chronicles 4, who are just levelled-up members of the regular Scout Class rather than a specific sub-class. Scouts simply gain the label "Elite" when they reach level 11 in these games.

Gallian Scout Elites

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Standard equipment

Valkyria Chronicles 3

When a scout classes up to scout elite, they are able to equip advanced rifles and Randgrizer grenade launchers, replacing the role of heavy scout from Valkyria Chronicles 2.

Other than their increased HP/Evasion/Accuracy stats and ability to use , they are functionally identical to scouts. For more information, see Scout#Valkyria_Chronicles_3

GRA Scout Elites

The GRA have no known Scout Elites.

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