Location of Schwartzgrad, circled in green.

Schwartzgrad is the capital of the East Europan Imperial Alliance. Its population numbered several million at the time of the Second Europan War.

During the Second Europan War

Schwartzgrad was the objective of the Federation's Operation Northern Cross and Operation Cygnus, as the Empire, according to Federation command, centralized all leadership in Schwartzgrad. The Federation hoped that by capturing Schwartzgrad and thus breaking the imperial chain of command, they would be able to end the war quickly.

The Centurion of the Cygnus Fleet was able to arrive at Schwartzgrad, forcing the Empire to agree to a cease fire with the Federation.


  • Schwartzgrad represents the mixture of Russian and German inspiration that represents the Empire, his name includes the German word "Schwartz", which means "Black", and the suffix "grad" which means "city" in Russian.
  • The city's position, to the north and by the sea, also resembles the position of the former capital of the Russian empire, St. Petersburg. The name of the city may also recall the change of name of St. Petersburg during the First World War, when it was called Petrograd, and during the period of the USSR when it was renamed Leningrad.
  • The city contains a huge structure, probably the imperial palace, which resembles the one that can be seen in episode 9 of the anime.
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