Technical Information
Affiliation Imperial
Length 7.42m
Width 3.92m
Height 2.96m
Weight 41t
Top speed 50km/h
Engine power 650hp/2300rpm
Weapons Revelle D-5T 30/85mm anti-tank gun
Krimm N-247 47/45mm cannon
Uranus 7.62mm machine gun


Schakal is a highly mobile tank that is derived from the Heavy Imperial Tank. There were about 200 Schakals operated on the Federation front during the Second Europan War but only a few were sent to the Gallian front. Lydia Agthe commanded one of the Schakals in Gallia whenever she was not in Echidna.


  • This tank is shown a large white, central turreted tank that is used not only by Lydia, but also by someone else. There are at least 2 tanks in Calamity Raven that look like this as you fight 2 of them at Naggiar (Both are in same area and both are boss type units).
  • It bears a heavy resemblance to the Soviet Klement Voroshilov of World War II, albeit with a changed multi-cannon gun mantle similar to that of the experimental KV-7 (a.k.a Object 227 or U-13).
  • Schakal translates from German into English as Jackal.
  • Schakal is the only tank in either PSP Valkyria game to have non central mounted barrel for its main gun.
  • This tank actually comes in 2 colors. As an enemy it is white with gold trim while it is your control on a DLC mission, it is black with pinky/purple trim.
  • The Schakal, like all non-nameless owned tanks in VCIII, is very weak when on the Calamity Raven DLC, however, if this DLC is played as soon as story chapter 1 is finished, it is by far the most powerful anti-tank unit you have.
  • Despite the statement that they were more active on the Federation front, they do not appear in Valkyria Chronicles 4.


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