• Ronald Albee
Ronald Albee

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Birth Date c.1915 (Aged 20 by 1935)
Gender Male
Affiliation Edinburgh Army
Unit 32nd Armored Ranger Corps
Squad F
Squad E
Rank(s) 2nd lt profile.pngSecond Lieutenant
Role Tank Commander
Unit Class Tank-insignia.png Tank
Likes Minerva Victor
Ryan Ford
Keigel Hohmann
Squad Story Legacies Left
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Voice Acting
Japanese Atsuki Tani
English Doug Erholtz

Ronald Albee (ロナルド・オールビー Ronarudo Ōrubī?) is a character from Valkyria Chronicles 4.



Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad F tank commander; second lieutenant. Since the commanding officer Minerva does not operate a tank, he serves as the tank commander for Squad F. He was in a class behind Minerva during their time at the military academy, and she beat the code of chivalry into him.


He is also very ambitious; respects the intentions of an army over any individual, and is good at moving according to his commander’s orders. Because Squad F’s members were hand-picked by Minerva and developed into an elite force, Ronald feels indebted to and has utmost respect for her. He believes that she is capable of rising to the very top of the Federation army.


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