Riley Miller

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Birth Date c.1914 (Aged 21 by 1935)
Gender Female
Affiliation Edinburgh Army
Unit Federate Joint Ops
Squad E
Rank(s) Technical Second Lieutenant
Role Artillery Advisor
Unit Class Grenadier-insignia.png Grenadier
Likes Claude Wallace
Kai Schulen
Valkyria Chronicles 4
Voice Acting
Japanese Nao Touyama
English Kayli Mills

Riley Miller (レイリィ・ミラー Reirī Mirā?) is the heroine of Valkyria Chronicles 4.

"Born in the Gallian city of Hafen, this brilliant inventor was assigned to Squad E after researching ragnite technology in the United States of Vinland. She appears to share some history with Claude, although the memories seem to be traumatic ones."
—Official English website profile[1]
"Edinburgh Army 101st Division 1st Battle Brigade 32nd Armored Ranger Corps Heavy Weapons Support Regiment Grenadier. Technical Second Lieutenant. A confident and proud woman of STEM, she is a genius in ragnite engineering. Proficient in mental arithmetic and physics calculation, she is able to exhibit her talent in ballistic calculation as artillery. While she is childhood friend with Claude, something has happened in the past, causing them to grown distant. Prior to the war, her ragnite engineering talent enabled her to skip grade and attend university in the United States of Vinland. She is positive and cheerful, and ambitious in that she pushes forward without fear of failure."
—Official Japanese website profile[2][3]



She has fair skin and long flowing blonde hair. Her summer uniform consist of a personal sweater that she wears underneath her standard federation blouse. She's the only one in the squad that wears a skirt in the field, with her citing it as her personal preference. She also said that the uniform was of her own design. After arriving on the Centurion, she still retains her personal light blue sweater but swaps her blouse with a heavy jacket. She still keeps the skirt on though she often ponders why she wears it during cold-weather operations.


Riley is prideful and has great confidence in herself, and is positive and cheerful, and ambitious in that she pushes forward without fear of failure. She is also somewhat of a ditz, enough to, in one instance, forget to put on clothes because she was angry.


Edinburgh army second lieutenant, age 21. Squad E grenadier. From the city of Hafen in Gallia. She seems to share some painful history with Claude. Brilliant, chipper, and prideful. She gets along well with kids, and she enjoys research and inventing—though her experiments can get a bit volatile. She resented Claude for a long time for his choices as a child. However, now that she sees how much he's changed, her bitterness is fading. Partly out of vengeance, she spent time in Vinland refining ragnite technology for use against the Empire. Now, she questions those choices. Despite her grave injuries, she manages to recover and return to Hafen. Claude proposes at the Starchild Festival, and she accepts with a quiet nod.



Riley grew up in the city of Hafen with Claude, Raz, Lina, and Kai. Her family was killed in the Miller Company Fire that was attributed to the Empire, and while Riley survived she remained traumatized by fire. The death of her family also created a rift between Riley and Claude, who had stopped her from trying to save her younger sister. Claude's cowardice became a subject of Riley's derision.

She left Hafen to study abroad, and to carry on her father's ragnite research in the hope of one day revenge upon the Empire. Her Ragnite engineering talent enabled her to skip a grade and advance to university in the United States of Vinland. Her compressed ragnite launching mechanism greatly contributed towards the development of miniaturized grenade launchers, allowing a single person to use a weapon which used to require several people.

When the Second Europan War broke out, she left the United States and joined the Edinburgh army, where she became reunited with the childhood friends she hasn't contacted for 10 years.

Involvement in EWII


In the true ending, Despite her grave injuries, she manages to recover and return to Hafen. Claude proposes at the Starchild Festival, and she accepts with a quiet nod. She now managed to rebuild and runs, the Miller Company along with Claude.


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  • Riley happens to be a skilled seamstress, making two custom uniforms for herself through the course of Operation Northern Cross and Operation Cygnus; this was because she was technically a science officer/civilian contractor temporarily assigned to Squad E. Assuming her outfits give the same amount of protection from the elements as would a standard uniform, this implies she either managed to make effective cold-weather, polar-suitable outfits from scratch or she understanding sewing and the principles of thermodynamics so well that she can alter winter clothing without compromising their effectiveness.
  • Riley is a good cook, one example of which being when she cooked up a custard pudding for Angie in Chapter 12: Midnight Run.

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