Hostage Rescue Operation
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What Lies Beyond Hate.png
Number Report 6, part 2-a
Terrain Grass, Dirt
Time of day Day
Number of units 5: Welkin (infantry), 4 empty slots
CP 4 leader(s)
Turn limit 20
Turns for A rank 2
Objectives Kill all enemy
Failure conditions Any allied unit is sighted (see below)

Welkin dies
20 turns pass

Special conditions If any enemy has a yellow line of sight to a unit, the mission will fail at the start of the enemy's next turn
No Orders
Enemy vehicles None
Enemy officers None
Enemy ace(s) None

What Lies Beyond Hate is the sixth Report in Valkyria Chronicles. It focuses on Eleanor Varrot, and can be bought from Castlefront Street. This report becomes available for purchase at the beginning of Chapter 15.

The battle mission itself is called Hostage Rescue Operation.


What Lies Beyond Hate takes place between Chapters 10 and 11 of the main storyline. The Report focuses on Varrot's past, specifically the fate of her former lover Frederic Klein at the hands of an Imperial officer named Giorgios Geld, and how this continues to cast a shadow over her.

Finding the officer is still at large and has taken a number of hostages in a building near Fagrakona Lake, Varrot orders Squad 7 to deploy and ensure he is captured. Largo Potter comments that she's been living the last twenty years to get revenge on Geld, and her manner worries the other members of Squad 7.


Small grassy area with two large houses to the North, clear, open ground immediately to their South with small fenced paths to the West and East of the player start point going above (West) and below (East) the level of this open area. Grassy patches along these routes for cover; West route is a dead end overlooking a small yard behind the buildings, East route leads into this yard.



  • Fagrakona Lake
  • House 1
  • House 2

Here are your orders

"Those Imp cowards have taken civilian hostages and holed up inside a private residence. Squad 7 will enter the site from this point. You can't let them see you coming this time, Lieutenant. If they spot you, those hostages are dead. Begin by making your way to the building undetected. If you don't stay hidden in the grass, they'll spot you. Once you've completed your approach, take down all the lookouts at once. If any survive, they'll alert the others. Your objective is to exterminate every Imp on the scene. Am I clear? When you stop moving, stay hidden in the grass. If you're seen, kill them all before that phase is through. Once the coast is clear, you'll enter the residence. Free those hostages, disarm the hostiles inside and hold them. You'll be participating here as a foot soldier, which means you won't be able to issue orders for this mission."

"If capturing the enemy is not feasible, then kill them. They merit no mercy."


The most important thing to remember is that you must deploy at least one other CP character on this map; the map is otherwise unwinnable in two turns, since the only CP source by default is Welkin.

Possibly the easiest mission in the game, Hostage Rescue Operation requires the player to kill three moderate-level enemy Scouts with Status Effect weapons. Two are located behind the buildings at the North of the map, while the other is on the roof of the West building, East of the chimney. Presumably, the extremely generous two-turn limit is because at very low levels this Scout can be tricky to take out without using a Sniper.

Winning is simply a matter of sending one Scout along each path and shooting the Scout on the roof with one and the two in the rear yard with the other. If this mission is awarded late in the game, the Scout on the roof can easily be taken out with a Rifle Grenade, otherwise it's a slightly tricky shot worth bringing an Accuracy-bonus rifle along for.

As long as all three Scouts are dead at the end of the turn, you don't have to worry about being spotted.


What Lies Beyond Hate has no completion reward other than the normal Experience and Ducat rewards.

Base Reward
16200 31040
Ranking Bonus
Turns Rank EXP DCT
1-2 A 32400 62080
3-4 B 24300 46560
5-6 C 16200 31040
7-20 D 0 0


Varrot is set on killing Geld, but is bought to her senses by Largo, who says this isn't what Frederic would have wanted. Geld is later subject of a prisoner exchange with the Imperials, and is taken to Ghirlandaio thinking he will be freed. Maximilian, disgusted with his conduct and methods, instead orders his immediate execution.

The final scene hints at a developing romance between Largo and Varrot.


  • "Geld" is the German word for Money.


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