Largo's Passion is the second Report in Valkyria Chronicles.

Vegetable Route Incident
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Terrain Urban
Time of day Night
Number of units 3: Welkin, Largo, 1 empty slot
CP 1 per turn + 3 leader(s)
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 3
Failure conditions Any ally falls in action
Welkin dies
20 turns pass
Special conditions Darkness
No orders
No tank
No Medic
Enemy vehicles Tank-insignia.png Medium Imperial Tank x 2
Enemy officers Shocktrooper-insignia.png Shocktrooper x 1
Scout-insignia.png Scout x 1

Unlocked from Ellet for 3500DCT.png. This is available for purchase at the beginning of Chapter 07: The Battle of Barious.


After Operation Cloudburst and before the battle for Kloden, Squad 7 is called into the command room during lunchtime and briefed on the recent hike in food prices. This was due to the Empire taking hold of the trade routes farmers used to ship their stock. The news enrages Largo and he starts to make his passion for vegetables clear. Welkin then informs them of their assignment to clear the trade route of Imperials.



Landmarks and Street Names

  • Road to Randgriz
  • Presentwell Village

Mission Briefing

Cpt. Varrot: "You will now be briefed on the operation."

"The mission will be fought on the outskirts of Vasel. An enemy blockade has restricted traffic along this route."

"Fear of combat spilling over into civilian dwellings here prevent us from making this a large scale operation."

"You'll have to leave your tank on the sidelines and lead a small force of foot soldiers into the village."

"The objective is to destroy the two tanks standing by on the road ahead."

"You're likely to face heavy fire from those tanks if you just march along the road. It may be the long way around, but you're better off heading through the village and securing a spot to attack safely."

"I'm afraid we can't spare a medic to accompany a team as small as the one you'll be taking in."

"To compound things, this is a night op. You'll be dealing with less visibility than you're used to."

"There will be no sight line to targets more than a certain distance away, and you can't spot them in Action Mode."

"Consequently, even if even one of your soldiers falls in combat, you're to pull out immediately. Mission failure."

"That's a lot of special conditions and requirements. Be extra careful as you plan each move out there."

"One final note: you won't have your tank's wireless setup, so you won't be able to issue orders during this mission."

Mission Objectives


  • Both enemy tanks are destroyed.


  • Any ally falls in action
  • Welkin dies
  • 20 turns pass


It is a stealth based mission which can be completed at any point in the game. The 2 easiest ways to do it are have Largo, Rosie, and Welkin (Rosie because she is a Shocktrooper and she gives extra CP and Largo & Welkin because they are fixed).

If Rosie has the Ruhm (Behind her Blue Flame DLC Pack) use Rosie to run the gauntlet, otherwise use Largo (Using Welkin and Alicia works if your rifles have good anti-tank, they can fire a team attack into the tanks radiators if positioned correctly). Once you have run to the raised ridge at the end of the map, passing a Gatling turret, you will see the 2 tanks: just blast their radiators from above as they can't harm you. Crawling will NOT help hitting them but will make you invisible to the scout and lancer patrolling nearby.


Base Reward
4520 6120
Ranking Bonus
Turns Rank EXP DCT
1-3 A 9040 12240
4-5 B 6780 9180
6-7 C 4520 6120
8-20 D 0 0
Unit Rewards
Unit Count EXP DCT
Leader 2 500 500
Light Tank
Medium Tank 2 1000 1000
Heavy Tank
Tank Destroyer
Total 4 1500 1500

Along with the normal Ducats and Experience from the mission's rewards, Largo gains the Potential Veggie-Maniac, boosting all of his abilities when on grass or dirt.



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