Battle Potentials

In Valkyria Chronicles 3, all characters can be any unit class and share the same set of Battle Potentials. The Master Table in the Training Grounds allows you to view a complete set of a character's Battle Potentials. It is also where a character is able to learn High Potentials and Super Potentials, provided they meet the requirements.

Class Potentials are the potentials tied to a specific unit class. Each unit class has 3, with each one tied to a different class rank. High Potentials are unlocked by learning 2 potentials from 2 different unit classes. And High Potentials are unlocked by mastering 4 different unit classes. Mastering a unit class requires reaching the max class rank and unlocking all 3 of the unit class's Class Potentials.

In battle, Morale affects the activation of all Battle Potentials. Higher Morale means that more potentials will activate. In addition, having higher Morale will increase the chance that a positive potential instead of a negative one will activate.

Personal Potential

Personal Potentials reflect a given character's personality, and can be good or bad. Effects can range from being positive (Giulio's Procurement Expert, refill ammo after an attack) to being negative (Zahar's Drunkard, turn ends when AP falls to half).

All Nameless members have a personal mission, Squadmate Missions, which grant them a new potential. These potentials are always positive and sometimes replace a negative potential. To unlock a character's Squadmate Mission, they need to be used 35 times in battle (1CP = 1 time). The missions are then unlocked and found under under story fragments (断章) on the Gallian Map.

Exceptions to this are: Kurt, Riela, Imca, Gusurg, and Carisa. Kurt, Riela, Imca, and Gusurg gain new potentials as the main story progresses. While Carisa has all her potentials already unlocked when she joins.

Potential List

Class Class Potential Trigger
Scout-insignia Scout Sighting - Increases Accuracy by 50% when an enemy is sighted. Spot an enemy
Scout Veteran Resist Boost - Increases resistance to status ailments by 50%. Start a turn
Scout Elite Anti-Intercept - Reduces damage taken from interception fire. Take interception fire
Shocktrooper-insignia Shocktrooper Firing Stance - Increases Accuracy by 50% when crouched. Attack while crouched or in grass
Trooper Veteran Evasion Boost - Increases Evasion by 60%. Start a turn
Trooper Elite Kamikaze - Increases Evasion and Accuracy by 50% when HP falls to half. HP reaches half
Lancer-insignia Lancer Side Defense - Reduces damage taken from the side. Start a turn
Lancer Veteran Vs. Armor Boost - Increases damage against Armored targets by 50%. Start a turn
Lancer Elite Ammo Refill - Ammo is fully restocked after attacking. After attacking
Engineer-insignia Engineer Vigilance - Raises Defense and Evasion by 50% while crouching. Crouch
Engineer Veteran Exploit Boost - Increases chance to inflict status ailments by 60%. Start a turn
Engineer Elite Neutralize - Enemy cannot counterattack. Attack
Armored-tech-insignia Armor Tech Poison Resist - Grants immunity to status ailments. Start a turn
Tech Veteran Extended Throw - Increase throwing distance by 50%. Enter Target mode
Tech Elite Second Wind - Completely restores AP when AP falls to half. AP reaches to half
Sniper-insignia Sniper Backup Sniping - Increases power vs. Personnel and Accuracy by 60% when no one is around. No unit nearby (friend or foe)
Sniper Veteran Accuracy Boost - Increases Accuracy by 50%. Start a turn
Sniper Elite Eagle Eye - Increases zoom level on sniper rifles. Start a turn
Gunner-insignia Gunner Resist Counter - Increases resistance to counterattacks. Before an enemy's counterattack
Gunner Veteran Vs. Personnel Boost - Increases damage done to Personnel by 60%. Start a turn
Gunner Elite Med. HP Recovery - Recovers 100 HP after attacking. After attacking
Fencer-insignia Fencer Covert Attack - Attack cannot be evaded when attacking while crouched. Attack while crouched
Fencer Veteran Defense Boost - Increase Defense by 50%. Start a turn
Fencer Elite Feint - Attacks cannot be evaded. Start a turn

Prerequisites High Potential Trigger
Scout-insignia Sighting
Shocktrooper-insignia Kamikaze
Critical Shot - All attacks deal critical damage. Attack
Scout-insignia Anti-Intercept
Fencer-insignia Covert Attack
Status Resistance - Increases resistance to status aliments. Take interception fire
Scout-insignia Resist Boost
Engineer-insignia Exploit Boost
Double Movement - AP is fully restored when depleted. AP reaches 0
Shocktrooper-insignia Firing Stance
Lancer-insignia Ammo Refill
Focus - Focuses all shots onto a single point when attacking. Attack
Shocktrooper-insignia Evasion Boost
Gunner-insignia Med. HP Recovery
Penetration - Attacks ignore enemy Defense. Attack
Engineer-insignia Vigilance
Sniper-insignia Backup Sniping
Clear Sight - Increases Defense when taking interception fire. Take interception fire
Engineer-insignia Neutralize
Armored-tech-insignia Second Wind
Full HP Recovery - HP is fully restored after an attack. After attacking
Gunner-insignia Vs. Personnel Boost
Fencer-insignia Feint
Double Attack - Able to attack a second time before an enemy's counterattack. Before a counterattack
Sniper-insignia Accuracy Boost
Fencer-insignia Defense Boost
Assassination - Increases Accuracy and power vs Personnel in a successful sneak attack. Sneak attack
Fencer-insignia Vs. Armor Boost
Gunner-insignia Resist Counters
Offensive-Tech - Increases power vs Personnel and Armor Start a turn
Lancer-insignia Side Defense
Armored-tech-insignia Extended Throw
Side-Attack - Increases power vs Armor in a successful side attack. Side attack
Armored-tech-insignia Poison Resist
Sniper-insignia Eagle Eye
Dud Mine - Landmines do not detonate. Step on a mine

Mastery Super Potential Trigger

Scout-insignia Shocktrooper-insignia Gunner-insignia Fencer-insignia

Double Action - Able to act again after an attack. After attacking

Lancer-insignia Armored-tech-insignia Sniper-insignia Gunner-insignia

No Damage - No damage taken from interception fire and counterattacks. Landmines are unaffected. Start a turn or take interception fire

Scout-insignia Engineer-insignia Sniper-insignia Fencer-insignia

Phoenix - HP is fully restored when HP is depleted. HP reaches 0