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A Ponisera In Flower

Ponisera is a naturally occurring wild herb native to Gallia, it can be found in large quantities in and around the Kloden Wildwood.

Physically, the plant appears similar to the bluebell only when the flower within the plant glows with a bluish tinge similar to Ragnite. Ponisera is well known throughout Gallia for it's natural anti-inflammatory properties and its stems and leaves work effectively well on bruises and sprains. In addition to its medicinal properties, the Ponisera flowers also produce a sweet nectar.

The Ponisera plant makes its only appearance in the original Valkyria Chronicles game during Chapter 08: The Woodland Snare in which Welkin applies the herb in a compression to Alicia's badly sprained ankle.

Notes/ Trivia

  • Alicia's bakery is known for it's Ponisera bread made from the nectar of Ponisera flowers.