Technical Information
Affiliation GRA
Length 230m
Width 50.5m
Height 51.8m
Weight 55.5 tons
Top speed 100 km/h
Engine power 600hp/3000rpm x6
Weapons Ram
40 x200kg bombs.

Perkunas is rebel airship used by the rebels to raid Lanseal Royal Military Academy.


A rebel military airship. It has a length of 230m and 8 bomb bays for high-altitude bombing runs. It was constructed by the Federation which also supplied its helium. It is fitted with a ram for attacking buildings and other airships.

The rebels have also added deployment and supply devices for artificial Valkyrur, allowing them to deploy V2 troops from the air in assaults on enemy bases.

It was later revealed that Perkunas was damaged to a certain extent during the raid on Lanseal and was grounded for repair. As a result, at the end of the civil war, Baldren Gassenarl was unable to escape Gallia, which lead to his ultimate demise.


  • Although never specified in the always-too-short Valkyria Chronicles 2 description, this Airship can also drop supply APCs onto the battlefield.
  • Perkunas was the largest vehicle to have appeared in the series at twice the given length of the Marmota and 10m longer than the Dandarius. However, it has been displaced by the Snow Cruisers as of Valkyria Chronicles 4.
  • Perkūnas was the Baltic god of thunder, rain, mountains, oak trees and the sky. In modern Lithuanuan, the name simply means "thunder."
  • Perkunas only appears during the attack on Lanseal and is never directly fought, making it the most minor named vehicle in the series.
  • It is weird how something this big with a massive metal ram on it's front, weighs only about double that of a tank. It is also weird that Hindenburg, an airship with no armour whatsoever and only a 30m longer length, weighs 58.9 tons. This underweight aspect seems to appear on a few of the franchise's larger vehicles, Marmota and Batomys for example.



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