Oswald the Iron
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Weapon Drop ZM Kar 3(g)

Oswald the Iron is an Imperial Scout ace who appears in Chapter 10: Liberation of Fouzen (Pt.1). Earlier, when the Imperials made their move to conquer Gallia, they decided to capture the citadel of Ghirlandaio in Selvaria's Mission: Behind Her Blue Flame. Selvaria Bles, scared of blue light, required an engineer to heal her. Oswald the Iron, whose full name is Johann Oswald Eisen, is the engineer in this case. Many bonds are created between Selvaria and him about friendship and courage. Sadly, Oswald can be killed in the first part of the liberation of Fouzen. He is believed to be promoted to Oswald the Steel, in Chapter 15.

Stats and Equipment

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  • Defense - 30
  • Accuracy - 86
  • Evade - 1


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