Operation Northern Cross was an offensive launched by the Atlantic Federation during the Second Europan War, seeking to bring the war to a swift conclusion. With six million personnel mobilized, Operation Northern Cross suffered the highest casualties of any single campaign during the war.

The operation was referred to in history as the "Eastern Front" by the Federation, and the "Great Motherland War" by the Empire.


The Federation had lost 30% of its territory in the first three months of the war, proving no match against the military might of the Empire. Seeking to turn the tide of war through a large scale offensive, the Federation focused its troops in a few key locations to break through the Imperial defense.

The Federation General Headquarters believed that, if they could capture the Imperial capital of Schwartzgrad, the war would come to a quick end.

The Operation

With the Edinburgh Army serving as the vanguard of the operation, the Federation penetrated into Imperial territory from three directions.

The counteroffensive proceeded smoothly for the first two months, allowing the Federation to establish a several large forward bases to handle the logistics of supplying the frontline. After the critical Battle of Siegval, victory seemed at hand.

However, an unexpected early winter fell upon Europa, causing supply difficulties for the Federation. The Empire seized the opportunity for a large-scale counter attack, and the entire Eastern Front became a rout for the Federation.

The operation devolved into a highly disorganized retreat south as Federation forces scattered and avoided using major roads. It also served as a diversion for Operation Cygnus, as most of the Imperial forces were busy hunting down the retreating Federate army.

The Operation Northern Cross ended when Operation Cygnus forced the Empire to agree to a ceasefire, including provisions to allow the safe retreat of Federate army.

Over 10 million lives, civilians and soldiers combined, were lost during Operation Northern Cross.


  • It is based primarily on Operation Barbarossa, the failed German invasion of the Soviet Union during WW2, with some references to the Battle of the Bulge.
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