Technical Information
Affiliation Gallian
Length 5.47m
Width 2.72m
Height 2.84m
Weight 18.9t
Top speed 45km/h
Engine power 250hp/2500rpm
Weapons Breda 30/75mm PaK cannon
Erma 7.92mm tank machine gun
Gameplay Information
Hitpoints / locations ?

The Narcissus is Audrey Gassenarl's personal tank during the Invasion of Gallia.


The Narcissus is Audrey Gassernarl's tank during EWII, it is painted in a flat blue with golden edges and is classed (along with normal gallian tanks) as a light. It is playable during the main plot of VCIII and again in an after-story mission. It is also possible to get its hull, turret, sticker and paint scheme for your tank. As a playable tank in missions, it has around 900 HP and a utility turret similar to bought ones of the time. The Narcissus' hull for full-time player use has considerably lower health than the in mission version, but it does have off-road capability, 400AP and a massive (for a light tank) 6 load capacity. It also has higher max stats than standard gallian tank hull (Light Tank B) making it even more desirable as a vehicle. Its cannon also packs high anti-armor power compared to other bought turrets but only has a low power mortar and MG compared to captured turrets. The Narcissus' shape is similar to that of normal gallian tanks, but it has slightly more bulk to its rear and what look like spare treads affixed to its nose.


  • The Narcissus sports a longer barrel than the standard Gallian tank, however it is likely the rounds it uses are identical.
  • The Narcissus' hull is the most adaptable tank hull in VCIII, being able to off-road, have high mobility and also the ability to mount external armour/extras along side the standard 2 weight turret. It is also one of few vehicles able to mount the anti-tank machineguns without the turret looking woefully undersized.

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