Morale is a system present in Valkyria Chronicles 2, Valkyria Chronicles 3, and in a very different way in Valkyria Chronicles 4. In all of these games it affects the activation of a soldier's Potentials.

Morale in Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3

Morale is a system present throughout battles in these two games that affects all soldiers, and is shown with a gauge in Command Mode.

Morale in Valkyria Chronicles 4

In the fourth game, Morale is implemented differently: rather than being an overarching system, it is handled strictly on a per-soldier basis, and there are only two states, default morale and boosted morale. As a result, low morale is no longer a possible failure condition in battle.

A soldier can receive a boost to their morale under four circumstances:

  • They achieve something of significance. Killing enemies, destroying tanks, capturing flags and so on seem to be among the qualifiers that give a chance of a morale boost, with a seemingly greater likelihood when fulfilling mission objectives, killing multiple enemies at once, or killing Leaders or Aces. Morale boosts can also be given for killing enemies with Interception fire.
  • The order "Inspiration" was used on them.
  • The special medic evacuation cutscene where Karen Stewart is accompanied by Ragnarok played, and they were the rescuing soldier.
  • The Last Stand option "Inspire" was used, and they were the nearest soldier.

Earning a morale boost will result in a short animation with an SP Up icon, and the unit's icon in Command Mode will glow white and be surrounded by sparkles.

When a unit has high morale, they receive a minor stat boost and a much larger boost to the chance of their positive Potentials activating, while the chance of their negative Potentials activating becomes close to zero. In addition, after the mechanic has been introduced, they have 100% chance of triggering Last Stand while at high morale.

A morale boost only lasts for the soldier's next Movement Phase, though it is possible for them to earn a new morale boost during that phase.

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