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This is the list of missions in Valkyria Chronicles 2.

Mission List

January (Winter)

[Story] Rebel Encounter* [Story] The Entrance Exam* [Story] Liberating Arlem*
[Free] Combat Exercise* [Free] Maneuvering Exercise* [Free] Drill Ground Skirmish*
[Free] Fading Embers*** [Free] Arlem Clash***

February (Winter)

[Story] Laevatein Qualifiers* [Free] APC Exercise* [Free] Night Combat Exercise*
[Free] Tenacious Tank-Killers* [Free] Marching Exercise* [Free] Midnight Suppression*
[Free] Cooperative Exercise* [Free] Arlem Skirmish* [Free] The Treasure Hunt***
[Free] Drill Ground Clash***

March (Winter)

[Story] VIP Escort* [Free] Storming the Bridge* [Free] Defensive Exam*
[Free] Tunnel Offensive* [Free] The War Hero* [Free] Revolution's Afterglow***
[Free] Leanbluff Clash***

April (Spring)

[Story] Darcsen Liberation* [Free] The Missing Goods* [Free] Cerulean Shadows*
[Free] Escape from Arlem* [Free] Alarming Developments* [Free] Leanbluff Skirmish*
[Free] Strategic Engagement*** [Free] Diebal Clash***

May (Spring)

[Story] Laevatein Semifinals* [Free] The 4th Mortar Squad* [Free] Retrieving the Goods*
[Free] Breaching the Bunkers* [Free] Mountain Stronghold* [Free] Diebal Skirmish*
[Free] Defending the Warship*** [Free] Yuell Clash***

June (Spring)

[Story] The Road to the Armory* [Story] Retaking Yuell* [Free] Escort to the Ruins*
[Free] Forest Guardians* [Free] Sand Sweepers* [Free] The Impregnable APC*
[Free] Daws Desert Skirmish* [Free] The Purge Continues*** [Free] Daws Desert Clash***

July (Summer)

[Story] Laevatein Finals* [Free] Hidden Goods* [Free] Escorting a Defector*
[Free] The Cerulean March* [Free] Rebel Stragglers* [Free] A Gust of Wind*
[Free] Yuell Skirmish* [Free] A Castle in Darkness*** [Free] Roendahl Clash***

August (Summer)

[Story] Defending Lanseal** [Free] Killer Assault** [Free] Buying Time**
[Free] The Cerulean Menace** [Free] The Roar of Shells** [Free] Drill Ground Firefight**
[Free] Under the Cannons*** [Free] Doerfein Clash***

September (Summer)

[Story] Retaking Roendahl** [Free] The 9th Heavy Infantry** [Free] Flames of Revolution**
[Free] Towers of Death** [Free] The Cerulean Beasts** [Free] Arlem Firefight**
[Free] Secrets in Yuell*** [Free] Anthold Aqueduct Clash***

October (Fall/Autumn)

[Story] Liberating Doerfein** [Free] Last Line of Defense** [Free] Scogul Menace**
[Free] Rain of Mortars** [Free] Protecting the Water** [Free] Roendahl Skirmish**
[Free] Leanbluff Firefight** [Free] Yuell Firefight** [Free] The Canyon Divided***
[Free] Anthold Harbor Clash***

November (Fall/Autumn)

[Story] Blasting the Aqueduct** [Free] Rounding Up Rebels** [Free] Excavation Corps**
[Free] The Ultimate Weapon** [Free] The Cerulean Fortress** [Free] Raging Sands**
[Free] Doerfein Skirmish** [Free] Diebal Firefight** [Free] Roendahl Firefight**
[Free] Warship Requiem*** [Free] Dandarius Clash 1***

December (Fall/Autumn)

[Story] Battle of Anthold Harbor** [Story] Clash Aboard Deck** [Story] The Final Battle**
[Free] 4th Mortars Regrouped** [Free] The Cerulean Death** [Free] Retrieving Secrets**
[Free] Beyond the Flood Gate** [Free] Counteroffensive** [Free] Doerfein Firefight**
[Free] 4th Mortar Showdown!*** [Free] A Prayer for Peace*** [Free] Dandarius Clash 2***
[Free] Lanseal Academy Clash***


[Free] A Dangerous Mission (Nichol) [Free] Saving the Darcsens (Helmut) [Free] Battle for Atonement (Sigrid)
[Free] Recovering the Camera (Lotte) [Free] Zeri's Bodyguards (Melissa) [Free] Snow Rabbit Search (Chloe)
[Free] Uncovering the Truth (Erik) [Free] Rescuing Pete (Pete) [Free] Defending the People (Nahum)
[Free] Rescuing Nichol (Franca) [Free] Taking the Stage (Anisette) [Free] Against New Weaponry (Marion)
[Free] Fighting Friends (Reiner) [Free] A Battle of Attrition (Vario) [Free] Defending Our School (Jugin)
[Free] Rescuing Father (Noel) [Free] In Search of Moonglow (Coleen) [Free] A Muddy Battle (Rene)
[Free] Engineer Showdown (Raymond) [Free] Against the Clock! (Randy) [Free] Butler Battle (Heinz)
[Free] Protecting Sofia (Sofia) [Free] Cerulean Scarab Search (Magari) [Free] Mountain Rescue (Vicky)
[Free] Bad Luck Battle (Joachim) [Free] In Search of Moonglow (Morris) [Free] Against All Odds (Jamill)
[Free] Mischlitt's Hometown (Mischlitt) [Free] An Awkward Fight (Alexis) [Free] A Tragic Prophecy (Inghild)
[Free] Ghostly Vengeance (Lavinia)

[Free] Being Cruel to be Kind* [Free] A Golden Opportunity* [Free] Crosshairs of Death*
[Free] One Last Farewell* [Free] The Long-Range Tanks* [Free] Maulers on the Prowl**
[Free] Recovering the Ragnite** [Free] Guardians of the Ruins** [Free] No Pain, No Gain**
[Free] Mid-Rank Scout Exam** [Free] Mid-Rank Trooper Exam** [Free] Mid-Rank Lancer Exam**
[Free] Mid-Rank Engineer Exam** [Free] Mid-Rank Tech Exam** [Free] Advanced Scout Exam***
[Free] Advanced Trooper Exam*** [Free] Advanced Lancer Exam*** [Free] Advanced Engineer Exam***
[Free] Advanced Tech Exam*** [Free] A Blanket of Snow*** (Winter) [Free] The Breath of Life*** (Spring)
[Free] An Offering to Spirits*** (Summer) [Free] The Scarlet Forest*** (Fall/Autumn) [Free] Order Mastery***
[Free] Ghostly Conflagration*** [Free] Winter Maelstrom*** [Free] Spring Falcon***
[Free] Summer Lightning*** [Free] Autumn Gale*** [Free] Proof of Friendship***
[Free] The Line Must Hold*** [Free] Unassailable Summit*** [Free] Over In a Flash***
[Free] Escorting Artifacts*** [Free] History Sleeps Below*** [Free] Lanseal Defense Line***
[Free] The Pandora Ship***


[Free] The Guardians' Request** [Free] Little Wing Challenge** [Free] Mellvere Crisis*
[Free] Exercise vs Class F* [Free] Exercise vs Class E* [Free] Exercise vs Class D*
[Free] Exercise vs Class C* [Free] Final Scout Exam*** [Free] Final Trooper Exam***
[Free] Final Lancer Exam*** [Free] Final Engineer Exam*** [Free] Final Tech Exam***
[Free] Battle at Mellvere EX** [Free] Battle at Roendahl EX** [Free] Battle at Doerfein EX***
[Free] Battle at Lanseal EX*** [Free] Race Against Time** [Free] Mine Offensive**
[Free] Seven Secrets*** [Free] Banquet of Ghosts*** [Free] Warship Showdown***
[Free] Two-Pronged Assault*** [Free] Ultimate Challenge*** [Free] Cerulean Catastrophe***