Miranda Vilfort
Miranda Vilfort in Valkyria Revolution.
Height 170cm
Affiliation Vanargand
Role Executive Officer
Weapon HRW-52S GOLEM
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Ayumi Fujimura[1]
English Cassandra Morris

Miranda Vilfort (ミランダ・ヴィルフォルト Miranda Viruforuto?) is a member of Princess Ophelia's imperial guard in Valkyria Revolution. She is a girl of the same age as Ophelia, and while her playmate, also serves her.[2] She joins Vanargand after completing Chapter 6.



Miranda is cheerful and lively and speaks her mind clearly and without hesitation. She is overprotective when it comes to Ophelia. However, Miranda herself has no restraint towards Ophelia. She hoped to be taken along upon Ophelia's participation in the Vanargand, but remains at Jutland Castle as domestic defense by the express wishes of Princess Ophelia.[2]


Prior to the events of the game, Miranda served as Ophelia's playmate in her childhood years and eventually came to serve her as a royal bodyguard.

Following Godot's passing, Miranda takes over his position as executive officer and joins Vanargand.

Miranda finds her brother's documents relating to his investigation of Amleth and divulges the information to Ophelia who realizes the true circumstances of Amleth's involvement with the war.

Personal Potentials

Potential Description
Pollen Allergy HP decreases when entering a grassland.
Royal Guard Atk increases and it is easier to become resolved when Ophelia draws enemy attention.
Unshakable Drawing enemy attention increases Def and MDef.
Patriotic Pride Action gauge speeds up when the state of the war is favorable.


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