Miles Arbeck headshot

Miles Arbeck (マイルズ・アーベック Mairuzu Ābekku?) - Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E tank driver and mechanic; corporal. He was a diligent honors student during his time at the military academy, where he was in a class behind Claude. He is somewhat neurotic and though he tries to be calm, often gives in to defeatism or panic. He gets along with everyone, but on the flip side has few deep relationships. His hobby is photography. He is voiced by Hiroshi Okamoto[1] in Japanese and Chris Hackney in English.





Edinburgh army sergeant, age 20. Squad E tank operator. He's got undeniable talent when it comes to piloting and driving a tank. Claude was his senior in the military academy, and they earned high marks when paired in tank training. The duo won countless mock battles together. Earnest, and a hard work, he comes off as a model student. While calm and agreeable, he doesn't deal well with pressure—sometimes losing his cool. Not very athletic. He's not exactly weak, but tends to give up rather quickly and doesn't enjoy the pain that comes with physical exertion. After the ceasefire, he helps Claude rebuild the factory. He stills keeps his camera close at hand, hoping to start a photography studio one day.


  • All done, Claude. What do you think? Cool, right?" - After upgrade
  • Whoa, it turned out great! Hey, let me snap a quick picture before you run off with it....
  • "Oh, hey Claude. What are we building today?"
  • "Wow, a masterpiece! Almost seems like a shame to use it."
  • "Ah, done already? Drop by whenever, and we'll see what else we can cook up.


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