Birth Date Unknown
Role Dahau's wife

Miga is the deceased wife of Calamity Raven's commander Dahau in Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Along with her husband, Miga was part of the resistance against the Imperials. Eventually she died, leaving Dahau to carry a small photo of her by his side.

After Dahau's defeat and the demise of Calamity Raven by Kurt and the Nameless, Miga's spirit appears by her dying husband's side, comforting him that he has done enough.

Expanded Biography (VC3)

Dahau's wife fought alongside him for Darcsen independence, and ended up dying for that very cause. As she passed away, Miga said to Dahau, "Let's build a Darcsen nation that will last a thousand years. Let's build a world where our children and their children will be able to live with smiles on their faces." Miga took center stage during Dahau's final moments, appearing before him as an apparition.

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