• Melissa Dalen

Melissa Dalen
Birth Date c.1920 (Aged 17 by 1937)
Height 158cm
Affiliation Lanseal Military Academy
Gallian Army
Role Lanseal cadet (former)
Gallian Army personnel
Likes Avan Hardins
Lotte Netzel
Randy Hamsum
Vicky Baytear
Voice Acting
Japanese Sayaka Hirao
English Laura Bailey
"Zeri and I are in love. We're soul mates."
—Melissa Dalen, Valkyria Chronicles 2

Melissa Dalen (メリッサ・ダレーン Merissa Darēn?) is a 17 year old scout and member of Class G, who appears in the Valkyria Chronicles 2 videogame.


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Melissa was recruited by Lanseal due to her skill at concealing herself. She fell for Zeri when he found her lost ribbon and is now openly stalking him, unbeknownst to Zeri himself. She writes about her life with him in her diary.

In Out of Nowhere, Randy and Raymond have expressed how Melissa is so good at concealment that there have been times where she suddenly was standing right next to them. Even Helmut, who is known for his good observation skills couldn't sense her presence.

It is stated in Solitary Scare that Melissa likes to go to the old campus ruins in her free time to relax and she described the cracked walls and rusted iron bars as pretty.

During her classmate mission, Avan noticed Melissa in the mess hall and in the locker room, though everyone else seem to think he was just hallucinating. In Avan's room, Melissa showed up and told Avan she was on a date with Zeri, much to his bewilderment, until he realized he never once seen the two of them together. It is revealed that she is stalking Zeri from the shadows and she even goes as far as tucking him into bed.

After the end of the Gallian Civil War, Melissa joined the army and hopes to use her skills to earn a place in Zeri's squad one day.

Freshmen Cadet Guide

Considered the most dangerous person on campus, if you are a member of Zeri's fan club. Her signature move is crawling (within tall grass), which allows her to effectively nullify most attacks. As long as we keep her away from some of our female cadets, we believe she could make great contributions on the field by suddenly charging a surprise attack.

In-game Description

  • Class G scout. Was recruited by Lanseal due to her skill at concealing herself.
  • Fell for Zeri when he found her ribbon. She writes about her life with him in her diary.
  • Joined army and hopes to use her skills to earn a place in Zeri's squad one day.


  • A Longing Gaze
  • On a Date?
  • Protecting Zeri
  • Melissa's Love

Expanded Biography

Stalking Zeri

Melissa's expertise lies in her ability to hide her presence from those around her. She also has a tendency to speak quietly. Melissa instantly fell in love with Zeri when he picked up her fallen ribbon for her, and she has been stalking him ever since, though Melissa prefers to call these stalking sessions "dates." In addition to her stalking skills, Melissa is also quite the tactician, and has managed to "get rid of" any female students that have attempted to make a move on Zeri. When Zeri later joined the Gallian regular army, Melissa followed suit. As a side note, Zeri still does not realize that he is being stalked.

Even Helmut's superior detection skills are not enough to catch Melissa's presence. This superhuman talent was what got Melissa into Lanseal in the first place.

Peculiar yet Popular

"I'm sorry, but I don't know her very wel.. If you'll excuse me, I have a message that I'm supposed to deliver to Zeri, so... Oh! What was that? ... I suddenly felt this horrible chill..."
—Magari's thoughts on Melissa, Valkyria Chronicles 2 WORLD ARTWORKS

Since Melissa spends most of her time hidden, she doesn't have a major presence in the classroom. Despite this, she has managed to secure many friends. With Randy, she is a fellow plotter; with Vicky, a fellow hunter; etc... Melissa seems to have many faces, which makes it easy for her to get along with just about anyone. She also happens to be one of the very few people who knows of Randy's "true nature."

Keeping Other Girls Away from Zeri

"Zeri and I are in love. We're soul mates."
—Melissa Dalen, Valkyria Chronicles 2

One day, when Avan, Zeri, and Cosette were finishing up a meal in the mess hall, Avan noticed a girl from their class observing them from a distance. Avan identified the girl as Melissa Dalen, but whenever he pointed her out to everyone else, she would be gone before they turned to look. Later, Melissa showed up in Avan's room and explained that she goes on dates with Zeri, but Avan informed her that her activities are more commonly known as "stalking." Despite his unease about Melissa, Avan trusted her enough to join her in battle when she told him that Zeri was in danger. After the battle, however, it was made clear that the "enemies" they were protecting Zeri from were simply girls from the Zeri Fan Club. Avan was left speechless by Melissa's ruthless tactics, and when he later discovered that she was even jealous of Avan's close friendship with Zeri, he became even more bewildered.

Melissa is so possessive of Zeri that she even tells Avan that he stands too close to Zeri during conversations. Melissa keeps a record her daily Zeri experiences in her diary.


Base stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout 135 450 20 12 8
Max stats
Class HP AP Accuracy Evade Defense
Scout Elite 255 650 46 54 27
Heavy Scout 319 450 42 27 13
Sniper Elite 149 250 54 31 16
AT Sniper 213 250 58 31 18

Personal Potentials

  • Misogynist - Having women nearby triggers a loathing so powerful, it lowers firing accuracy.
  • Chameleon - When concealed, they can remain calm, cool and collected, raising their defense.
  • Zeri Lover - Becomes overjoyed when Zeri is nearby, raising attack power against infantry targets.
  • Stalker - Determination to take down their target raises the chance of inflicting status ailments when attacking. (Unlocked after completing her classmate mission, Zeri's Bodyguards.)

Battle Potentials

Class Potentials
  • Accuracy Boost - Raises firing accuracy.
  • Resist Boost - Raises resistance to status ailments.
  • Super Evasion - Raises evasive skills.
Scout Veteran
  • Accuracy Boost - Raising firing accuracy.
  • Major Evasion - Raises evasive skills.
  • Dud Mine - Land mines do not detonate when triggered.
Scout Elite
  • Accuracy Boost - Raising firing accuracy.
  • Major Accuracy - Raises firing accuracy.
  • Concentration - Focuses all shots on a single point when attacking.
Heavy Scout
  • Accuracy Boost - Raising firing accuracy.
  • Ranged Shot - Attacks made when shooting from a distance cannot be evaded.
  • Full HP Recovery - Fully recovers HP after finishing an attack.
  • Accuracy Boost - Raising firing accuracy.
  • Ammo Selection - Raises attack power against infantry targets and the chance of inflicting status ailments when attacking.
  • Critical Attack - Inflicts critical damage no matter where an attack hits.
Sniper Elite
  • Accuracy Boost - Raising firing accuracy.
  • Extra Shot - Loads one round of ammunition after an attack is finished.
  • Second Wind - AP is restored to full when it reaches half.
AT Sniper
  • Accuracy Boost - Raising firing accuracy.
  • Vehicle Assault - Raises attack power against armored targets when attacking.
  • Super vs Armor - Raises attack power against armored targets.


Squad Leader Voice
"Okay, everyone... We're doing this one full-stealth."
"Tee hee hee... Let's all try to have a fun time."
"Moving out."
Killing a foe
"You asked for that."
Enemy Sighted
"Enemy sighted."
"I see you."
Team Attack
"Help from the shadows."
"I'll join you."
"I'm with you, Hardins." (Avan)
"Let me help, Lotte." (Lotte)
"Let's get them, Randy." (Randy)
"I'm ready, Vicky." (Vicky)
Personal Potentials
"Every girl near Zeri is a target." (Misogynist)
"Ha, they don't see me." (Chameleon)
"I'm Zeri's one true love." (Zeri Lover)
"Heh, I'm out on a date with Zeri." (Stalker)
Battle Potentials
"Heh, even I can barely find me."
"Just me and Zeri."
Healed by Ragnaid
"Thank you."
Rescuing an Ally
"Medic hurry, this person's dying."
After Medic Visit
"Are you still alive, Hardins?" (Avan)
"Hang in there, Lotte." (Lotte)
"Wake up, Randy. You're in the way." (Randy)
"Please wake up, Vicky." (Vicky)
HP Critical
"Anything for Zeri."
"Not feeling too good..."
"It... It hurts!"
"Zeri... I'll be watching... from the shadows..."
Revived by Medic
"It doesn't hurt anymore."
Status Ailment
"I messed up."
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