For a character called Medic, see Fina Sellers.

The Medic is a 3rd-tier class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2. They can be promoted from Engineer Veterans as part of the Engineer Class Tree. In addition to having better attributes, they carry Rev Ragnaid-X canisters which can revive fallen allied units.

Gallian Medics

Valkyria Chronicles

In Valkyria Chronicles, there are medics in the army and the militia but not as a playable class.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Medic can be promoted from Engineer Veterans as part of the Engineer Class Tree. Some medics in the game also have 'Max Aid Range' potential which significantly raises effective range of ragnaid at all times, enabling them to aid (or revive) units that are far from them or allied base camps.

The Credit requirements for changing a unit's class into a medic are: Diploma x1, March X x1, March II x1, SupportII X x2 Standard equipment

GRA Medics

The GRA have no known Medics.

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