The Mauler is a 3rd-tier class exclusive to Valkyria Chronicles 2. They can be promoted from Fencers as part of the Armored Tech Class Tree. Maulers and fencer elites are probably the most heavily armored classes in the game, with a high defense stat. Their right arm is protected by a large blast shield while their left arm holds a combat shield. They also wear heavy plate armor, which bears a resemblance to medieval knights' regalia. However, maulers' AP is considerably low, making them less mobile than most units (except snipers).

Maulers are very similar to fencer elites except for the fact that they are anti-tank units while the fencer elites' role is anti-infantry. Instead of swords, Maulers are armed with large mauls capable of destroying tanks in one hit. As the opposite to fencer elites, they deal minimal damage to infantry. However, their mauls have knock-back effect, which is useful if you want to dislodge an enemy unit to capture a base camp.

Gallian Maulers

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Alexis as a Mauler

Maulers can be promoted from Fencer as part of the Armored Tech Class Tree. The credit requirements for changing one unit's class into a Mauler are: Diploma x1, Arms X x3, SupportII x2, ArmsII X x1

Standard equipment:

GRA Maulers

Their role and equipment are the same as their Gallian counterparts.

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