Matz the Cleaner

Affiliation East Europan Imperial Alliance
Weapon Drop Firing Calculator (Edelweiss)
Voice Acting
Japanese Not voiced
English Not voiced
Matz the Cleaner is an Imperial Tank Ace that appears in Valkyria Chronicles. His appearance is in Chapter 15: Citadel Ghirlandaio (Pt.1), where he commands an Imperial Tank Destroyer. He is positioned directly east of the minefield on the central area of the map. Destroying his tank rewards you with the Edelweiss' Firing Calculator Part.

There are a couple ways of destroying his tank. The first way is to climb the Sniper tower in the east and snipe down with a Lancer. While a little more luck-based, this also prevents you from getting shot after taking the base. As an added boon, if you miss often, your ammo refills completely due to your location near the base. One can do the same trick with a sniper armed with the ATR-X3 anti-tank sniper rifle, if one can get a sniper to traverse the required distance.

The second, more risky, way is to run into the trenches and fire at the radiator from there. The risk comes from interception fire from Matz himself and the second enemy ace, Oswald the Steel. While you'll have easier shots, you could take more damage.

Stats and Equipment

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  • Has the exact same stats as a level 3 Imperial Tank Destroyer, with the only difference being his gray ace paint job.
  • Because he uses a Tank Destroyer, he has relatively lower Body HP and Tread HP. It will only take a couple of lance rounds to destroy it.
  • Matz the Cleaner also appears in Chapter 15: A Reason to Fight - Part 1 in Valkyria Chronicles 4.
  • Notably, he appears in the same numbered mission in both games.
  • There is a GRA Tank Ace in Valkyria Chronicles 2 that's also named Matz, though his epithets are different.
  • There is also another imperial ace in Valkyria Chronicles 3 identically named "Matz the Cleaner", though this Matz is a lancer instead; one possible in-universe explanation for this is that for propaganda purposes, soldiers that become famed enough to achieve "ace" status allow fellow imperials to use their epithet, aiming to demoralize and confuse their enemies.
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