Maria Schmeichel
Maria Schmeichel in Valkyria: Azure Revolution.
Alias Miss Maria
Valkyria Revolution
Voice Acting
Japanese Kikuko Inoue
English Wendee Lee

Maria Schmeichel (マリア・シュマイケル Maria Shumaikeru?) is a young woman who manages an orphanage in Valkyria Revolution.


Maria was adored by Amleth and company like a mother but she was kidnapped by Claudius, who was crown prince at the time. Even while she is 20 years-old, everyone thinks of her as motherly due to her overflowing love and kindness. She always gives priority to others over herself and says considerate things. To orphans who don’t know what it’s like to have a family, she is a sister, a mother, and a first love[1]


Ten years prior to the war, Maria was a young woman who cared for Amleth Grønkjær, Basil Sabancci, Fritte Eriksen, Solomon Kahlenberg and Violette Szand when they were young orphans. Suddenly, Emperor Klaudiusz decided to raid their orphanage, killing most of the other orphans while sparing the aforementioned five. Amleth watched as Maria was taken away by the empire's soldiers.

In the present, Maria was thought to either be dead or surviving as one of the Emperor's concubines. In reality, she had become a vessel for the Valkyria, Brunhilde as evidenced by the appearance of her "Maria" persona while fighting Amleth in close-combat.

After retreating from Kovaltis, Brunhilde decides to interact with Maria within her mind, wondering as to how the mortal's personality has remained intact and survived what other vessels in the past could not. Maria states that she found out about the Valkyria's crime following their fusion and that rather than lament over it like others have, she offers her forgiveness. Shocked by her response, Brunhilde is interrupted from her conversation with Maria by the beckoning of Emperor Klaudiusz.

Maria is visited once more by Brunhilde following Grand General Viktor's defeat. However, Brunhild reveals that it was Maria who had summoned her. Maria talks to Brunhilde about the burden of her sins and the pain the Valkyria feels from them, much to Brunhilde's surprise. Maria offers to help Brunhilde in forgiving her sins but Brunhilde spurns her offer, stating her a mere mortal born of that woman with a particular blood. Brunhilde tells Maria that atonement is her desire, her wish and her vow, proclaiming that she will keep her pain. Brunhilde raises her scythe at Maria and swings it at her, ultimately bringing the Valkyria back to her senses at Belgov.

Brunhilde beckons Maria once more, asking her about what Amleth means to her. Maria tells her that he is like her child and that he will slain her and Brunhilde. Brunhilde is puzzled by her statement and determines that Maria wants to be slain by her own child, much to the latter's silence. Brunhilde wakes up from her trance and proclaims, "My child..." with a furrowed expression.

Following the defeat of Brunhilde, she reverts back into the form of Maria and passes away in Amleth's arms.


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