VIP Escort
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March vc2
Terrain Grass, Dirt
Area Effect Mist
Number of units 6
CP 10, 10 per turn
Turn limit 20
Turns for S rank 5
Objectives Escort APC reaches target
Failure conditions Escort APC defeated
Allied base camp captured
20 turns pass
Morale 0
All infantry defeated
Special conditions Boss-insigniaDirk Gassenarl
Enemy vehicles Tank-insigniaSupply Vehicle
Enemy officers Scout-insigniaScout
Enemy ace(s) None


Zeri and Avan were asked to see Brixham in the feudal office. Brixham informs them that Class G is to protect a political visitor who is going to visit the south of Gallia. While Class G is escorting the visitor they are attacked by the rebels who field a new type of unit, capable of destroying tanks with ease. Faced with a threat that the class has never seen in combat. Avan, and the rest of the team, must now escort the APC to safety and escape the threat posed by the rebels.

Mission Briefing

An unidentified rebel force has attacked your squad. Evacuate the escort APC from area 5 to the target point in area 2 as quickly as possible.


These are the easy steps in order to finish the mission within 2 turns.

Turn 1

1. Deploy a lancer at 5G, and another shocktrooper at 5H or I, and start the mission.

2. Select the escort APC, and drive it toward the south base. Stop directly in FRONT of Dirk.

3. Now select your Lancer and walk toward the south base. Your Escort APC should protect you from Dirk's fire.

4. Select your Lancer again, approach the Supply Vhc from its left side and shoot the radiator. It should destroy the Supply Vhc and capture the base afterwards.

5. Select your APC and then proceed toward the south base to change area to Area 2.

6. Deploy an Engineer in Area 2, repair your Escort APC. (Optional) If you still have a CP left, you can deploy a Lancer in Area 2 to destroy the supply vehicle on top of the hill.

7. End your turn.

Turn 2

8. Select and move your APC multiple times until you reach the destination. 


Base Reward
EXP 8,554
DCT 3,088
Weapon Parts Gun Parts Rifle Stock B
Enemy Ace Reward
Oak LV1 Oak A Lv1
Oak LV1 Oak B Lv1
Steel LV1 Steel A Lv1
Steel LV1 Steel B Lv1
Lead LV1 Lead B Lv1
Copper LV1 Copper A Lv1
Rare Metal LV1 Rare Metal B Lv1
Plywood LV1 Plywood B Lv1
Plywood LV1 Plywood A Lv1
Special Units Bonus
Steel LV1 Steel B Lv1
Steel LV2 Steel C Lv2
Copper LV1 Copper A Lv1
Oak LV2 Oak A Lv2
Copper LV1 Copper B Lv1
Captured All Base Camps Bonus
Steel LV1 Steel A Lv1
Oak LV1 Oak B Lv1
Oak LV2 Oak B Lv2
Oak LV2 Oak C Lv2


After the battle, the squad of V2s are beginning to overpower Class G. Suddenly, a Valkyria appears, wiping them out with her powers. She faces Dirk, and notes that Dirk is not like the rest of them.

Baldren, surprised at the Valkyria's appearance, orders his men to fall back. Clementia also orders Aliasse to leave, and she reluctantly follows.

Class G notes that the rebels and the "strange girl" are retreating, and Zeri notes the power of the Valkyria. With the confirmation of the rebels retreating, the Archduchess steps out of the APC. She commends Class G for keeping her safe, and thanks them all. When questioned on her reasons to travel south, Cordelia responded with her reading reports on a village leveled by the rebel attacks, and she must know the situation before trying to repair it. Zeri questions her, as her actions don't merit a trip to the south, but Cordelia replies with the fact that despite the changes being small, they will stack. Cordelia has brought something to share with the villagers, and they turn out to be cinnamon rolls.


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